GoDaddy appoints new chief customer officer and chief marketing officer

GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small business, announced the addition of a new position Chief Customer Officer (CCO) with the responsibility to align the company’s products, services and engagement models with strategy needs and values of GoDaddy’s customer base, and the appointment to CCO and Chief Marketing Officer.

Barb Rechterman_godaddy crop
Barb Rechterman, CCO

Barb Rechterman, formerly the CMO, is switching over to the CCO position. Rechterman has been with GoDaddy since 1997 and led a variety of disciplines, including engineering, customer care, communications and marketing, and last year she was ranked on the Forbes list of Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers.
“This new role is one I was destined to take and a challenge I’m already running at full throttle,” said Rechterman.
Phil Bienert_godaddy crop
Phil Bienert, CMO

The person to fill her shoes as CMO is Phil Bienert, Executive VP of Digital Commerce. Beinert joined GoDaddy in April 2013 and took responsibility for GoDaddy’s direct marketing function and strengthen connections between marketing and website conversions.
“GoDaddy has a tremendous data platform, with an enormous amount of insight into the small business life-cycle which is helping us drive a more personalized marketing experience for customers. We are evolving every day to serve up the right information at the right time to maximize the customer experience,” said Bienert.
Both Bienert and Rechterman will report to CEO Blake Irving.
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 Photos provided by GoDaddy