Final 4 startups advance in Venture Madness 2015

Day two of Venture Madness began with the Top 8 going head-to-head in the hopes of advancing onto the Final 4 and ultimately win a share of the $50,000 prize. Afterward, the participants and startups headed over to Salt River Fields to watch Diamondbacks versus the Rockies, and patiently wait for the Final 4 announcement.
Here are the Final 4 startups competing in Venture Madness 2015.
vm final 4-2
Beacon Biometrics:
Beacon Biometrics creates a non-invasive point of care product which screens for colon and rectal cancers. The device has already been approved by the FDA to test for HIV. The test kit pricks the finger for a small blood sample and gives the doctors and patients results within five minutes.
In order to make the arduous process applying for student loans easier, the folks at CampusLogic made a quick software service which guides college students through the process of applying for financial ad.
Through simulations EndoVantage maps out a patient’s body to make personalized medical devices. Surgery time as well as money, time and risk can be greatly reduced after a device has been personalized so doctors don’t have to guess which medical device will fit inside the patient.
RightBio Metrics:
In place of X-Ray’s, RightBio Metrics created a device that tests the pH levels in someones stomach. A test strip is attached at the end of a tube and when it’s placed inside the patient to acquire accurate pH levels.
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Contributions from Jesse Millard
Information about the companies has been added since the original post