Engagement to sales, using video to build your business

Lights, camera, action! These words should be in the minds of every entrepreneur who wants to reach the audience in an engaging manner, according to Wirebuzz Director of Startegy Marcus Krieg.


More users stay on your website when there is a video, Krieg said. And they’re more likely to buy the product after the video. Because it makes the viewer more interested when they’re hearing about the product or company and seeing it with their eyes simultaneously. This way the viewers and potential customers feel like they’re buying from a personable organization and they’re kept engaged.
Krieg emphasizes to not skimp on quality and said the benefits of a well-produced, strategic video could out-weigh the risk of customers clicking off if the video is just bad.
The musts of a quality video are to have good sound and lighting, Krieg said, and you need proper equipment to have good sound and lighting.
“People will forgive low resolution video,” Krieg said, but stressed that bad audio and lighting will turn viewers away from the product. Meaning, a poorly made video will make your product look cheap and this will not lead to sales, he explained.
In terms of editing, if you don’t have the skills, don’t edit the video yourself, Krieg said. He suggested that any entrepreneur should hire a freelance editor so the video will get made in a timely fashion. You don’t want to waste your time trying to learn complex editing software and you definitely don’t want to do a bad job, he said.
Just creating the video isn’t enough to bring in viewers and eventually sales, Krieg said.
“You have to promote it, it’s not a self-contained power house. If all you do is build it they won’t come,” he said.
Using search engine optimization (SEO) email lists, social media and YouTube advertising are great ways to reach your audience, Krieg said. But be sure you’re still drawing them to your site and not just YouTube or some other platform.
“You want your content in front of tens of thousands of people,” Krieg said.
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