Thryve Next accelerator selects startups with lasers, x-ray cameras and optical fibers

Startup Tucson selected twelve lucky organizations to be the first inductees in their Thryve Next growth accelerator to be trained and mentored.
Thryve programs provide entrepreneurs the tools to take their innovations to the next level and are based on a curriculum derived from courses at Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Arizona.
It’s heads down and go time for these co-founders as the Startup Tucson team focuses on mentoring the founders to build their business and boost southern Arizona’s economy through innovation and entrepreneurship.
Seven of the chosen organizations are tech startups:
Earth Knowledge: A software solutions firm, which aims to mitigate costs for utilities at cities and businesses. They’re all about efficiency and data to help everyone’s bottom line.
Electronic Instrument Technologies: An x-ray video camera manufacturer who uses fiber optics and other high performance technology for the opto-electronics industry.
Marcus Engineering: They deliver electronics product development services to the manufacturing and medical device industries.
Nuanced Media: Uses digital marketing services to help mid to large companies focus on their digital marketing solutions.
NP Photonics: Creators of fiber laser and optical fiber products for the defense, metrology and research industries.
The Sensor Group: Creates high-speed imaging technology to be used in the defense and commercial industries. They can take the product from prototype to the finished product.
SummerSmith: A mental health counseling business, which has launched its site, which coaches students to manage stress and anxiety and prep them for success.
The program was funded through a five-year $1.44 million contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s ScaleUp America program.
Founders of the selected organizations will be committing to weekly seminars and classes to train them on expanding their organizations and reach the next level of success.
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