Rob Humphrey wants you to Share, share, share, to make those sales

Photo contributions from Thomas Hawthorne
After taking credit for deflating the football at this year’s AFC Championship game, Rob Humphrey spoke to a packed amphitheater at this year’s Digital Summit about one thing and one thing only- sharing.

Everyone loves to share someone’s post and loves it even more when someone shares their post. And in order to engage in the free market of sharing, you’ve got to have something interesting and relevant to share, he said.
Through his experiences at LinkedIn as Global Sr. Marketing Manager, Humphrey said producing content that people want to see is the best way to reach your audience. And tethering popular trends with your content is the best way to get people to engage in what you’re creating.
All of this sharing and exposure only means one thing, sales and recognition.
“You want sales people to share all of the great things you’re sharing, everyone wants to get their stuff shared,” Humphrey said.
After going through a laundry list of resources to share in order to seal the deal such as webinars and e-books, Humphrey said, the most important tool is video, and good video at that.
When making a good video it wasn’t all about being the next viral hit, Humphrey said, it was about reaching the right audience.
Humphrey had made a pipeline of sales representatives who were constantly sharing content he created or they created, so they can reach customers effectively.
When his sales representatives used the videos he was creating the response was great, he said. A sales representative called him praising the videos after they helped them seal a $100,000 deal.
After using all of the tools, such as trends and good video to your advantage, all there is left is to make money