Super Bowl XLIX takes a huge byte out of social media

The most talked about television event of the year saw record-breaking numbers as football fans across the nation came out in droves to tweet and post about their favorite NFL team.
As reported by TechCrunch, both Facebook and Twitter reported an increase in engagement from last year’s Super Bowl.
Facebook aimed to examine engagement on a broader level by measuring several new metrics like people per minute, top social moments, top five states and most mentioned players. Some of the Top Social Moments of Super Bowl XLIX were the New England Patriots win that drew 1.36M people-per-minute and Katy Perry’s “Firework” finale at halftime, which garnered 1.02M people-per-minute.
Twitter reported a total of 28.4 million tweets related to the Super Bowl, which was an increase up from last year’s 24.9 million tweets. However, this year’s Super Bowl was not the most tweeted about sports event (that accolade goes to the 2014 World Cup finale).
Verizon Wireless shared their “total data used” stats with AZTB.

verizon super bowl stats
Courtesy of Jenny Weaver on Verizon blog

AT&T Wireless also shared their data usage and social media numbers with AZTB!
AT&T super bowl stats
Photo courtesy of AT&T

Record-breaking social media numbers and data usage cements the state Arizona as a top-notch provider of entertainment and technology.
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