E-bikes zoom through Super Bowl XLIX

If you’ve seen dozens of people effortlessly zooming by on bicycles at this week’s Super Bowl festivities fear not, they are not Tour cyclists showing off. They’re probably riding one of EVantage USA’s Polaris electric bicycles.
EVantage teamed up with former Cleveland Brown’s running back Jim Brown and his charity Amer-I-can.
Amer-I-Can helps individuals meet their academic potential and helps equip them with life skills so they can have a successful future.
EVantage and their bikes will be seen from the Seahawks and Patriots’ tailgating events to downtown Phoenix and everywhere in between. And if you see someone riding an e-bike, don’t be afraid to ask for a test ride.
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VIPs and other event goers will be showing off as they catch rides to the game on one of their e-bikes, Adam Rand, President of EVantage USA, said. Former Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals running back Emmitt Smith will be one of the lucky persons escorted by an EVantage bike, Rand said.
Rand said they will even be giving away e-bikes at the official Seahawks and Patriots tailgating events and they donated models for Jim Brown’s fundraiser.
The e-bikes can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge and go between 15-25 miles per hour. They utilize back pedal regeneration and gear speed technology so you can bike with ease thanks to a little help from our mechanical overlords.
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Photo courtesy of Evantage