AZ Tech Council helping you remove and recycle your E-Waste – January 24

A quick look inside of anyone’s household junk drawer will reveal a myriad of discarded cell phones and tech items from yesteryear. Now that the holidays are over and you’re adding yet another smart phone to the pile don’t just throw those items away.
On Saturday Jan. 24, properly recycle those items through the Arizona Technology Council Foundation’s free technology recycling day.
Improperly discarded technology can cause damage to the environment through toxins and the President and CEO of Arizona Technology Council Steven G. Zylstra wants to help Arizonans dispose of their technological waste properly.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency only 25 percent of electronic materials that were ready to be discarded in 2009 were recycled. Lead, nickel, mercury and many other metals and toxins are released into the environment when e-waste isn’t recycled properly, according to the EPA.
So, stop throwing away the old tech in the trash and do the right thing with help from the Arizona Technology Council.
They’re committed to making sure all e-waste is properly disposed of in Arizona so the community and the environment is not put at risk, Zylstra said.
They’ll accept, personal computers, peripherals, networking equipment, main frames, servers, printers, wires, cables and more at multiple locations across the valley and at all Data Doctors locations in Arizona.
Take your old technology to any Data Doctor location in Arizona found here.
Also from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday take your technology to Honeywell at 21111 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ.
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