Chatting with customers just got personal

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I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than search for a new car. After the weekend-long quest of searching for the ideal car, I was finally ready pull the trigger on a model but needed a few more questions answered. Unfortunately, the communication process took a full day of phone tag and email until I finally got my answers. While this is one example of communication delays customers and sales people face on getting deals done, there are simpler solutions.
Pure Chat, a live support and sales software, has been helping sales people connect with their customers in real-time and bridge that delay in communication. Today they announced the release of their new personal chat page where sales people can customize their instant messaging page and build a personal connection with their customers.
“Live chat is for individuals, typically sales people or customer-facing type of positions, that want to be in touch with their contacts in real-time. The problem we’re trying to solve with personal chat pages is bringing that real-time communication between sales and prospects without having any overhead of sharing contact information,” said Hamid Shojaee, founder Pure Chat.
The personal chat page can be customized with a URL, photo, background, social media and personal contact information. Users can modify their live chat parameters to their schedule and add a link in their email signature to start instant conversations.

pure chat hamid
Hamid Shojaee personal chat page

“The world has never had personal chat pages before and that’s what makes it exciting. Customers are now wanting and demanding real-time communication and real-time answers to their questions,” Shojaee said.
Pure Chat launched in 2012, revamped in 2013, and realized a positive amount of traction and use of the product – they recently hit their 2M chat milestone with over 100,000 customers, Shojaee said.
The product is designed to be easily installed within 30 seconds, sign up is simple, and there are native apps for Android and iOS to stay connected with customers on-the-go.
Pricing for Pure Chat will remain the same but personal chat pages will be an added feature to the service.
Shojaee has founded many companies, and is back in startup mode with Pure Chat. What’s it like for him? “Exciting, exhilarating, fun, nerve-racking,” he said.
Read more about Pure Chat here.
Watch the demo of the new Personal Chat Pages at AZTBTV
*Article has been updated since it’s original post
*Pure Chat founder is also the founder of AZTB