Razer brings PC gaming into your living room

There is no doubt that Razer is a big name is the gaming world, but now Razer is ready to enter your living room with three new products announced at CES: Razer Forge TV, Razer Turret and Razer Serval.
Razer Forge TV with Cortex

Courtesy of Razer.

The Razer Forge TV lets you bring your favorite PC and Android games in to the living room. Running on Android TV and powered by a quad-core processor, Adreno 420 graphics, Snapdragon 805C, 2GB RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, the tiny Forge TV packs a punch for in-home gaming.
Forge TV gives access to Full HD android games and also lets you continue your Android games anytime, anywhere. You can switch between your mobile device and TV without losing your place in-game.
One of the biggest selling points of Forge TV would be the Razer Cortex. Cortex allows users to stream PC games and software to the TV with ultra-low latency paired with Forge’s encoding technology. Forge TV is able to stream up to 1080p at 120Hz over wireless 802.11ac or gigabit Ethernet.
It’s not only about the gaming, running on Android TV means that anyone in the house can stream Netflix, listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and more. Now that is a good reason to convince your significant other to get you a new gadget.
Available for $99.
Cortex is $39.99 if purchased separately but included free with:
–       The Razer Forge TV and Serval Controller Bundle ($149)
–       The Razer Serval
–       The Razer Turret
Detailed Specs:
Courtesy of Razer.
Courtesy of Razer. 

Razer Serval
The Serval is a Bluetooth game controller for Android, however it is compatible with Xbox One and PC via wired USB or Bluetooth 4.1. A smartphone dock is also included for gaming anywhere. Created for the Forge TV, up to four controllers can be connected so that the whole family can play together.
Available in Quarter 1 of 2015, $79.
Razer Turret
Courtesy of Razer.

The Razer Turret is a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse made for the Forge TV. Gamers often look for the best mouse and keyboard to make sure they can accurately execute commands. The Turret is designed so that users can sit comfortably and be able to play games with precision without having to worry about their mouse slipping.
The Turret also features a fold out mouse pad, Android TV navigation keys and according to Razer, one two-hour charge can last up to four months.
Courtesy of Razer.

Available in Quarter 2, $129.
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