Stay fashionable day to night with the latest smart jewelry

Video & content contribution by Travis Arbon & Tishin Donkersley
There is no shortage of fitness wearables for women on the market, but a wearable that can also be used as a piece of jewelry is not easy to find. If you have been complaining about the lack of pretty wearables, this year just might be the year you’d change your mind.
Back at CES, we’ve found a couple of products that have increased its aesthetic qualities but maintained the wellness element.
Bellabeat’s Leaf
Bellabeat’s Leaf bracelet showcased at CES this year is a carefully crafted wearable utilizing earthy materials that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. The Leaf is a smart piece of jewelry that tracks women’s activity, sleep and nutrition through the Bellabeat app. Made of wood, the Leaf can be worn as a necklace, brooch or bracelet. Founded in 2014, Bellabeat is a company that creates health and fitness-conscious products made by women for women.
Misfit Swarovski Shine
The next generation of Misfit is more female-focused and now offers plenty of colors and sparkle. This activity tracker was one of the first fitness wearables that didn’t have a display screen and was designed to be more sleek, sporty and unobtrusive. At CES, Misfit showed off their full-line of new colors from their Shine line as well as their Swarovski Shine offering plenty of glitter.
misfit shine
The Swarovski Activity Tracking Crystal monitors ones’ steps, calories, distance, sleep and more, and can be placed into various accessory options such as the pendant, bracelet or wristband. The crystal and the bands are sold separately or as a set. Misfit also showcased their next generation eco-friendly blue crystal designed to charge the battery with sunlight-this is expected to be released later in 2015.

misfit shine blue crystal
Misfit Blue Crystal Shine

Skin cancer is no stranger to those in the Southwest and this wearable is one of the must haves for 2015. Returning to CES for their second year, the JUNE by Netatmo measures UV sun exposure throughout the day.


The jewel now comes in three colors, platinum, gold and gunmetal, with an option for leather or silicon band. There are no plans at this time to make a male-centric design. The app informs the user about UV, their daily dose of sun and offers sun protection advice. Don’t forget the sunscreen! The price point is a friendly $99.


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