AZ-based XFire Audio brings Decimator subwoofers to U.S. Market – CES – video

Video contribution by Travis Arbon
You haven’t really heard JayZ’s “Holy Grail” until it’s cranked with 30,000 watts of amplified power, some sick 18” subwoofers, a few 9” speakers and ear-piercing bullet tweeters.

xfire series

Hidden away in Gilbert, XFire Audio decided to build their mobile audio business outside of the U.S. and focus on Latin American markets with their kick-ass, yet affordable, speakers. Their culture is summed up in their motto “Life Amplified” and crank up the bass with their subwoofers appropriately named Devastator, Dominator and Decimator. They also have a full line of speakers and amplifiers that come together to equal one hell of a tailgating party.
This week at CES, they announced their entry into the U.S. market with their New Breed of Mobile Audio line.
Jos. Michael Gielink, VP Sales and Marketing, XFire Audio talks about their New Breed of Mobile Audio in our exclusive interview from CES.


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Graphics provided by XFire Audio