Nerds rejoice! The Nerdery expands to Phoenix with jobs in tow

Prepare to work in full nerd mode! Minneapolis-based production shop The Nerdery is expanding to Phoenix and is looking to fill about 150 jobs over the next five years.
The Nerdery is a production company that designs and builds web pages and interactive products for other companies. Founded in 2003 by three programmers, The Nerdery prides itself on an open, collaborative environment. And it doesn’t hurt that they have a dog-friendly office as well!


Video: Managing Director, Mike Johnson, The Nerdery, Phoenix | runtime 3:40 min

Mike Johnson, managing director for The Nerdery in Phoenix, said the company chose the valley for its unique position in the startup world. He said the company hopes to be an important player in the area’s startup community.
“Nerdery is all about nerds, but for us, being a nerd is simply being really passionate about something,” Johnson said. “For me, I’m really passionate about fantasy football. I’m a fantasy football nerd. We’ve got people who are really passionate about all different things but the thing that draw people together is the passion they have for what they do.”

nerdery 2
The Nerdery crew in PHX

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The Nerdery has plans to bring its technical, consulting and design services to the area, with the potential to expand its educational and charity programs to Phoenix in the future. And although they’re working out of CO+HOOTS for now, Johnson said the company is actively seeking more permanent office space.
And they’re going to need it, if they’re going to accommodate all the employees they plan to bring to the valley. Johnson said The Nerdery is looking to add about 150 jobs over the next five years, in every field from design and development to quality assurance and management.
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“We really promote this open, collaborative culture, where we want to people to learn as much as possible,” Johnson said.
So if you or someone you know likes to nerd out, you may want to check out what The Nerdery has to offer.
Picture of Phoenix Skyline in video by Jeff Turner via flickr, graphics provided by The Nerdery Phoenix