Gadgets for the Guru: Puppy Lover edition

With all the shopping you’ve done over the past few weeks you forgot one important member of your family…your dog! But no worries – here are some gadgets that your pooch will surely wuv (love).
The iFetch is the perfect gift for smaller pups that are able to entertain themselves. This automatic ball launcher comes equipped with three tennis balls that are 1.5 inch in diameter – perfect for tiny pooches. The company is building a larger version. The iFetch is fun for everyone when you’re at home, or fun for your dog when you’re away. The durable design makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The iFetch will easily become your best friend’s best friend.
Available for purchase for $99.95
petnet smartfeederPetnet SmartFeeder
Petnet SmartFeeder is an intelligent pet feeder that allows pet owners to remotely feed their pets on-the-go. With just the press of a button on your Petnet app, the feeder will release the preset amount of pet food into the connect bowl. The feeder features the capacity to hold up to 10 pounds of food and a food repository to retain freshness. The corresponding app not only allows you to feed your pet, but owners can choose to receive feeding alerts, set up an automated feeding schedule and monitor your pet’s food intake. The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Owners can reserve their Petnet SmartFeeder today.
Reserve yours today for $199.00
kurgo dog harnessKurgo’s Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Camera Mount
Have you always wondered what the world looks like from your dog’s point of view? Now you actually can! The Tru-Fit Smart Harness (action camera not included) is the perfect gadget for the adventurous dog owner that takes their pooch on hikes or other outdoor excursions.The harness is quick and easy to put on; simply slip it over your dog’s head and then clip the Quick Release Buckles around the midsection. The five different adjustments provide a custom and comfortable fit. The Harness comes in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Take your dog out for a walk and see what they see!
Available for purchase for $35.00
go-go dog pal toyGo-Go Dog Pal
Go-Go Dog Pal, as seen on ABC Good Morning America, Wired and Mashable, is a remote operated interactive dog toy that appeals to their natural instinct…to chase things. With the ability to operate up to 350 feet from the remote and with speeds up to 22 miles per hour, owners can engage and entertain their dog for hours. Go-Go Dog Pal can run on short grass, synthetic turf, packed gravel or dirt, pavement and other hard surfaces. The toy features a hard plastic shell to prevent your dog from biting the toy or tipping it over. This gadget is about exercise and having fun, but the price point is a bit shocking to the average dog owner.
Available for purchase for $229.99
tagg gps pet tracker -1Tagg GPS Pet Tracker (1st generation)
Dog owners and lovers everywhere need this gadget! Track your pet using an award-winning GPS pet tracker that sends text, push notifications and email alerts when your pet gets out. Quickly locate your pooch and bring them home safe. Tagg also monitors pet exercise levels and helps you to keep them happy and healthy. The compatible mobile app is free on iOS and Android. The Tagg is so easy to use too; it attaches directly to your pet’s current collar.
Available for purchase for $99.95
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