Gadgets for the Guru: Football Rivalry edition

Rivalry week is upon us! So gear up and head out to the big games with these awesome gadgets! Who are you cheering for this weekend?
Grub Runner ScreengrabGrub Runner mobile app
Grub Runner is a company that provides what CEO Sameer Khan calls an “end-to-end solution” to the problem of concessions at games. Customers can place an order from their phones to vendors within the venue and your food or drink is delivered directly to your seat. “They’re not there to stand in long lines,” Khan said. “They’re there to have fun and root for their favorite teams.”
Grub Runner will be up and running in the North End Zone at this Friday’s rivalry game at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, Arizona at 1:30 p.m.
Download the iOS app here
Download the Android app here
Uberlife app from techcrunchUberlife
Searching through a packed crowd to find your friends? Is the university mall cluttered with students and tailgaters alike? Use the Uberlife app post and share where and when you’ll be hanging out next to auto-alert any friends who are nearby or free to hook up. Invite your network and follow them in uberlife to find out when they’ll be in your area or free to hang out too, all through your iPhone’s GPS.
Download on iOS for free here
sports bar finder app google play storeSports Bar Finder
Seamlessly locate a local sports bar so you and your friends can cheer on your favorite football team. Powered by DIRECTV, find sports programming at bars and restaurants in your area using GPS, or near any address. You can also filter your search results by sport, save a favorite bar, get directions and send info to friends.
Download the iOS app for free here
Download the Android app for free here
Vinnebago white box (2)Vinnebago
Vinnebago by Corkcicle is the ideal way to enjoy perfect temperature beverages on the go; cold or hot. Simply pour your favorite drink into the three walls of proprietary insulation of the Vinnebago bottle at the temperature you’d like to keep it, and Vinnebago will do just that – keep it chilled for 25 hours or hot for 12 hours. Vinnebago eliminates the need for a cumbersome cooler, there is absolutely no bottle sweat, and no pre-freezing required. And since there’s no breakable glass, it’s great for the beach, boat, pool deck, or grassy mall. Vinnebago can fit a full 750mL bottle of wine inside and is perfect for not only wine, but also water, sports drinks, iced coffee and mixed cocktails, as well as hot coffee, tea, mulled wine and hot chocolate.
$29.95 Vinnebago
chillsner collageChillsner
Chillsner by Corkcicle is the first and only, in-bottle beer chiller that keeps beer cold from the first sip to the last, whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into your glass. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer, and drink right through the Chillsner.  Made from stainless steel, Chillsner uses the same proprietary thermal gel as the famed Corkcicle. It is a must-have gadget for any seasoned tailgater; especially in the hot Arizona temperature.
$29.95 for set of 2 Chillsner
cooking-1EatSmart Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer
Do you love cooking, baking, grilling and all things food-related? The Precision Elite Food Thermometer is designed by chef’s and cooking professionals so that you can serve up delicious meals and desserts with precision. Using EatSmart’s InstaRead technology, the Precision Elite Food Thermometer is able to read temperatures in 3 seconds of less with a broad range of -40F to 572F (Fahrenheit/ Celsius Switchable). 2 year Full Warranty included
Available on Amazon for $39.95
kenyon city grill-2Kenyon City Grill
Planning on grilling before the big game but you’re in a no-flame area? The Kenyon City Grill is perfect for a big city dweller that wants to put grill marks on veggies and meats this football season. Simply push and turn the knob and safe, no-flame grilling is at your fingertips. Along with the convenience of portability, the grill allows the user to select between 8 different heat settings for precise control and evenly cooked food. The Kenyon City Grill is constructed of the highest quality, marine-grade stainless steel. And as all Kenyon products, backed by uncompromising quality, exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty, and the best customer service in the industry.
Purchase City Grill for $449.00.
kettle pizza collageKettlePizza
KettlePizza was developed to give people an affordable way to cook real wood fired pizza on a traditional charcoal kettle grill. The stainless steel sleeve goes between the grill top and bottom creating a cooking chamber that remains consistently hot throughout the cooking cycle because the lid never needs to be removed. This solves the problem of overcooked bottoms and under cooked tops, which is the common result when cooking pizza on an outdoor grill. The KettlePizza is the perfect tailgating accessory for pizza lovers!
A variety of kits range from $149.95-$399.95 KettlePizza
The world’s first tech case integrated with a wireless remote camera shutter. This unique case gives you a greater degree of control and flexibility when it comes to capturing your favorite moments. The remote shutter wirelessly pairs to your phone via Bluetooth and slides out from the back of the case. Using the remote, you can take pictures and videos without being limited to how you hold your phone. This allows you to get the best angle on your next self-portrait or set up the perfect group photo. Selfy gives you the freedom to make every moment picture-perfect, and is compatible with iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, and iPad Air.
$39.99-$79.99 Selfy cases
Go from the gym, to the office to a night on the town without missing a beat. The XL PortaPocket pocket fits those huge smartphones like the Galaxy Note and the iPhone 6 Plus and you can wear it almost anywhere on your body. The PortaPocket isn’t just for your smartphone though; it can morph to suit your life…. it’s excellent to carry GPS units, music players, medical devices, IDs, cash money, cards, more.
Available for purchase for $12.95
Punchcase is a line of tech accessories that are great for the on-the-go individual that doesn’t like to carry a bulky purse or bag, and can hold the new iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy smartphones with ease. The Punchcase is great for travel and it includes extra compartments to hold all your goods. The fashionable Punchcase collection boasts unique and elegant designs that are perfect for the techie fashionista in your life.
Available for purchase $59.00-$99.00
pongcase-1Pong Case
Pong creates cases for today’s most popular smartphones. But these aren’t your average cases. Offering minimalistic and lightweight designs, Pong cases do more than protect your favorite mobile gadget from daily wear and tear; they also protect you from potentially harmful wireless energy that can be absorbed into the head or body while using or carrying your phone in your pants pocket. By redirecting the signal away from the head and body, the Pong Sleek Case for the iPhone 6 reduces exposure to potentially harmful wireless energy 89% below the industry standard limit (the Specific Absorption Rate). It’s true – just ask third party FCC-certified labs have validated that Pong cases significantly decrease the amount of radiation that can be absorbed into your head and body.
Available for purchase for $59.99
ARCHT One’s distinctive design and multidirectional Sound Array technology dispels the notion that optimum sound can only be enjoyed from a specific location in a room – place the speaker anywhere and enjoy sound everywhere. Choose from connections such as WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth, and direct USB or AUX, which allow anyone to stream music to ARCHT One via their laptops, tablets or mobile devices. AirPlay and WiFi connections, in particular, allow you to stream and enjoy your music in high-quality formats – turn the music up and enjoy the true acoustics of each song. The ARCHT One is currently on Kickstarter and has raised more than double their goal.
Contribute to ARCHT One’s Kickstarter campaign. Estimated delivery is January 2015
turtlecollage.jpgOutdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell
The all-new rugged, shockproof and water resistant Big Turtle Shell® from Outdoor Tech provides the best wireless audio experience in any setting from the beach or campfire, to pool party or backyard BBQ. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Big Turtle Shell wirelessly connects with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to bring you 110 decibels of auditory bliss. It streams 360° omnidirectional, crystal clear audio from a range of over 30 feet and will play for 16 hours on a single battery charge. The massive battery capacity (7800 milliamps) also gives it the capability to charge external devices, like your smartphone, via the USB port. Made for life on the go, at just 2.2 pounds the Big Turtle Shell is easy to handle, mount, pack and take with you anywhere; especially a tailgate.
$229.95 Big Turtle Shell
UE_BOOM_COLOURSUltimate Ears Boom (UE Boom)
The UE Boom portable bluetooth speaker is great for every occasion. With a water and stain resistant acoustic skin,  the UE Boom is perfect for the beach and pool party. Its cylindrical shape allows for a 360-degree sound output. A subsidiary of Logitech, the UE Boom is able to provide high quality music with a sleek beautiful design. You can enjoy 15 hours of playback on one charge and users can pair two speakers together using the UE Boom app for iOS and Android devices for stereo output.
$199.99 Available in 6 colors
tp-link power bank 10,400TP-Link Power Bank 10,400 mAh
The TP-Link Power Bank 10,400 mAh is the perfect gadget for the avid tailgater. It’s a sleek and compact power bank that fits discreetly into your pocket or purse. Simultaneously charge two mobile devices or use the built-in flashlight, which comes in handy for all outdoor adventures. The power bank is engineered with practicality and convenience in mind, including a smart LED charge indicator to show battery level can be charged with any standard 5V DC adapter.
Available for purchase for $24.99
ravpower xtremeRAVPower Xtreme 23,000 mAh
There are portable chargers and there’s this bad boy. The RAVPower Xtreme 23,000mAh is the portable external battery charger that can charge an iPhone twelve times, a Galaxy S4 seven times, tablets several times over, and can give your laptop the battery boost it needs. With plenty of ports, you can charge several gadgets at once. This stylish and slim aluminum-body features a smart LCD screen that accurately displays power level, charging status and voltage selection. Never fret about walking up and down the college mall and losing precious battery – charge on-the-go!
Available for purchase for $99.99
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