Entrepreneurship starts with a marathon mindset

Ask any startup and they will tell you about the caffeine induced days that turn into nights, the stress of trying to find money for payroll, the imbalance between work and life, the presentation fail in front of investors, server shutdowns, lost customers, getting customers and much more – let’s face it being a founder of a startup isn’t glamorous and it’s not easy – it’s not supposed to be.
I’ve sat with founders of a one-year-old company to a billion dollar company, and while everything I listed above does and will happen, the common thread I’ve found is that building a company starts with a marathon mindset. Today we celebrate National Entrepreneurship Day and in the spirit of the startup, we’ve pulled some inspirational quotes to keep you running the marathon of the day…
You can’t run a marathon overnight, it’s about building up endurance
While you might have little quick bursts of success, remember that you’re in this for the long haul and  there will be ups and downs (more downs than up). It’s important to build up your endurance to take on new challenges as they arrive, learn new skills and have the mental capacity to stay on point.
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Your mental game is just as important
Building a company is just as much of a mental game as it is physically demanding. On those days that you want to take a break, or maybe go hide in a dark corner, that is when your 4th quarter, let’s go! mental game needs to kick in. Remember to take time to recharge your mind so you are ready when the pressure is on.
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Get a trainer to help you stride
You don’t have to do this all on your own, there are plenty of people who have run a similar race. Trainers, better known as mentors, can help you run a smoother race, teach you the tricks of the trade to stay off the injured list and guide you to learn new techniques that can make the daily marathon run a bit smoother. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
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You will have multiple finish lines
After you accomplish the goal or milestone, you’ll turn around to find yet another finish line that’s even further down the road. Before you prepare yourself and team for the next level of success, remember to take time to celebrate each win and reflect on what you learned.
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There will be pain – gut wrenching pain

Finding money for payroll, investors hounding you for a return, horrific bugs in the system or employees quitting-just some of the pain a founder will face growing a business. While you might not know when the pain will occur, when it does happen, remember to gather your resources to help you manage the potholes in the road-you’ll make it through.

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You don’t have to run alone
There is nothing more motivating than surrounding yourself with a good team that believes in the company mission. A good team will also challenge you to think differently, give you suggestions on how to improve your company and be there to help you execute the vision.


There will always be people who will try to run faster than you
When you least expect it, there will be companies who will try to pass you, and when you see them in your rearview mirror, don’t panic, it’s time to gather your team and resources and prepare to battle for the King of the Hill.

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You wanted this…
There is a reason why you started your business. Take time to get back to that grounding place, understanding the why, reviewing your purpose, then press on.

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At the end of the day, you have to run your race
No matter how much you’ve trained, gathered advice and reflected on your experience, there will be many points in the journey where you have to make the tough decisions. In the end, it might come down to a gut feeling, so trust your instincts.
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