Gadgets for the Guru- Crime Fighting Apps

How can you protect yourself or join the ranks of crime fighting? The answer is in your pocket, crime fighting apps have found their way on to our cellphones. AZTB has a couple of crime fighting apps to introduce to our readers.
Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository (LEEDIR)
Launched by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department, LEEDIR is a mobile and web application that pairs with the cloud to help police gather evidence with the help of civilians. LEEDIR acts as a centralized database for tips that come in with any case or crisis. The website, as well as the iOS and Android apps, live in inactive stasis until authorities flip the switch after an emergency. Once the system is turned on, the website and apps will start accepting uploads.
Free Available on iOS and Android platforms.
iWitness is designed to provide a virtual witness to any threatening situation. The app is able to automatically dial 911, notify trusted contacts when feeling endangered, emits flashing light that sounds like an alarm, capture audio and video with GPS coordinates that is sent to a secure server and made available to law enforcement
App is free to download on iOS, Android and Windows but requires an iWitness subscription starting at $2.99 a month.
TipSubmit by Crimestoppers
TipSubmit allows user to submit tips, upload photos, videos and pinpoint their location to federal and local agencies. Users are also able to send tips to a specific agency as well as to schools within the network. TipSubmit works with different agencies and users are able to earn cash rewards. TipSubmit is encrypted allowing users to remain anonymous
Free. Available on iOS and Android
CrimeMapping provides users with recent crime activity in their neighborhood. Targeted to help police departments in reducing crime through a better-informed citizenry, users are able to map out crime activity near their current location, identify any crime by type, time or date of occurrence and also investigate crimes occurring near a location. Users also have access to hundreds of agencies that supply data to the app.
Free on iOS
CrimePush allows user to send multiple, GPS-tagged distress messages with the push of a button to designated emergency contacts and also call 911. An option is available that allows users to trigger a siren to ward off attackers and to attract help. If users are using an unfamiliar route, they have the option of ‘checking’ in , allowing them to notify family and friends when they have arrived at their destination safely, or if they are simply running late. A timer alert will also sent notifications to emergency contact if you did not check in at a destination within a given time. Users are also able to report crimes easily through GPS embedded image, video, audio, and crime tip descriptions. CrimePush also features a shake alert, users are able to call 911 by shaking their phone, this is useful when encountering a dangerous situation.

Available on Android.

Do you have a crime fighting app you use that is not on the list? Let us know below!