I never got the memo I wasn't supposed to be an engineer – Elissa Murphy, CTO, GoDaddy – video

Not every little girl grows up next to NASA, starts coding in 4th grade, falls in love with technology and ends up being the CTO of a billion dollar company. However, that was the pathway for Elissa Murphy, CTO of GoDaddy.
In my interview, Murphy shares that she fell in love with computers at a young age because of music, “I wanted to produce music…anything that was electronic.” Since she didn’t end up walking the path of David Guetta, Murphy returned to her love of coding and computers and worked in various roles at Symantec and Microsoft before landing at GoDaddy.
Murphy’s empowering message to women of all generations about entering, and staying in, technology is simple: be yourself, find your passion, and be fearless-if you like computer engineering, go for it.
“I never got the memo that I wasn’t supposed to like computer science, that I wasn’t supposed to go into engineering-it never occurred to me that I’m different,” Murphy said.
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