Pedal karts, volleyball, a slide and 5 pillars – GoDaddy opens new Global Tech Center

Pedal karts, fitness gym, indoor climbing wall, sand volleyball courts, gaming, Zen room, on-site chefs and a two-story slide-just some of the perks these GoDaddy employees will have at their new Global Technology Center that opened today in the Tempe ASU Research Park.

CEO Blake Irving

CEO GoDaddy, Blake Irving, summed up his sentiments about the opening of the 15,000 square-foot facility with one word, “stoked.”
“This is a killer facility,” Irving continued in his opening address, “It embodies our GoDaddy spirit which is energetic, innovative and passionate. It also supports our company culture and values.”
Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell mirrored the stoked attitude and was proud to have GoDaddy as yet another tech company in his city adding high-caliber talent along the Tech Corridor. “GoDaddy is a great example of a company that started with a simple idea and quickly grew into a billion-dollar global company right here in Arizona. We love the ‘go getter’ attitude of the company and the employees,” he said. “[Currently] 20 percent of all companies in Tempe are tech-related.”
godaddy center-3
Take a bike for a ride

The new facility pairs well with GoDaddy’s new vibe and direction, “It’s Go Time” motto, and five core pillars: be extraordinary in work and life, owning outcomes, joining forces, working fearlessly and living passionately.
godaddy center-9
On-site chefs at the GoDaddy cafeteria

“The culture we created here was purposeful,” Irving said, “and great creativity comes from great spaces and great people.”
Since Irving’s appointment to CEO, the culture has shifted to an attitude of empowerment, helping the little guy and kick ass. To further assist small business success, GoDaddy has been scooping up companies, such as Media Tempe and Mad Mimi, and partnering with major corporations, such as Microsoft, to provide affordable online tools for owners to build their business. This new direction of GoDaddy is also reflected in their ad campaigns using unorthodox humor and brutal honesty about what it’s like to be a small business owner. While these ads are completely entertaining and deserving of a chuckle, they do reflect the overall mindset you’ll find at GoDaddy.
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godaddy center-11
Slide right down for a meeting in the pods

Coming soon, GoDaddy plans to hire close to 250 more employees at the facility, and all of these perks will be a part of their daily life. Even Irving and Mayor Mitchell took a turn down the slide.
CEO Blake Irving’s turn…
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