Mental tracker headband helps you fine-tune your brain – startup – video

It seems that having a wearable on your wrist isn’t enough to help gain optimal performance, we have to put one on our noggin as well. One startup has a new wearable that pairs with a mental training app designed to help you gain focus, find your optimal mental state or simply chill out.
Melon is an EEG neuro-headband that pairs with ones’ smartphone to monitor brainwave activity and attention levels during the day. The app helps establish a baseline and performance level, and based on ones’  desired level of focus, the app will take the user through a series of brain games and suggested activities to obtain their preferred focus or mental state.
melon games
Phoenix-bred and Xavier College Prepratory Alumna, co-founder and COO, Lauren Berman, started this company out of interest in children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD who used alternative methods, such as games, to help them gain focus instead of taking medication.
Together with her co-founder, Arye Barnehama, they designed their app and headband and launched it out on Kickstarter.
“Focus to me is that feeling when I’m working and I’m so thoroughly engaged that time flies, and nothing in the world can distract me. It’s not always easy to get into that mind state…and Melon will help you learn about how your focus is effected by your environment,” Berman said.
The headband is adjustable, hypoallergenic, can fit noggins 10 years and up, and have sensors that detect microvolt signals from your pre-frontal cortex. The sensors will translate brain activity to the app then provides feedback on ones’ current level of focus and mental state. Berman recommends wearing the headband for 10 minutes, three times a week to start.
melon baselineAs for your data, Berman says that “it’s totally anonymous, we don’t let you share your data and store it…and we are HIPPA compliant.”
The co-founders successfully raised $250K via Kickstarter and will use the money for production and launching the app. They recently showcased their Melon at Tech Crunch Disrupt 2014.
Melon began shipment in September, it comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, and two colors, white and black.
Watch my exclusive interview with Laura to learn more about how Melon works and what is next for this startup.
Watch their trailer for Kickstarter below

Graphics via Melon Kickstarter campaign
Corrections were made from original post to reflect co-founder accuracy