GoDaddy + Microsoft team up to help small businesses Get Online for $1

What can you really buy for a buck these days? A lottery ticket, something from the dollar menu at McDonald’s or a bottle of water at a high school football game. But what if you could build your business online for $1?
Today, two technology giants, GoDaddy and Microsoft, announced their latest creation, Get Online Today, a platform of products and services to help small businesses grow their presence online with all the world-class services and support to back them up.
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Get Online Today is powered by the two mega companies and designed to be affordable, at $1 per month for the first year, to help empower owners to build a strong presence on the Web. See what you get for $1 below.
Get Online Today-3 godaddy
Steven Aldrich, senior vice president of Business Applications, GoDaddy said, “In order to keep up with customers in our online world, small business owners need to have a complete online presence. Get Online Today simplifies the lives of small business owners across the globe y helping them jumpstart their online presence.”
Get Online Screenshot godaddy
Microsoft General Manager of Product Marketing, Kirk Gregersen comments on their effort to help small businesses, “Office 365 is transformational for small businesses because it offers the same powerful tools that large companies use, while being affordable and easy for small businesses to set up and manage.”
United States availability for this offering begins September 15, and international availability is set for October 2014.
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