Skully smart helmet gives motorcycle riders a 360 view

Dr. Marcus Weller had been in one too many motorcycle accidents. His brother and co-founder, Mitchell will tell you that “the majority of motorcycle accidents happen from getting hit from behind,” and if a rider could remove distractions, blindspots and see more what is going on around them, more accidents could be avoided.
With this concept in mind, they co-founded Skully, an augmented reality motorcycle that gives the rider a 360 degree awareness visual through its ultra wide rearview camera, GPS navigation in a transparent headsup display, electrochromic visor, voice control and works with your smartphone. “This is a situational awareness enhancing platform for the transportation industry,” Mitchell said.
The Weller brothers launched their concept on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, with the hopes of raising $250,000. Not only did he raise that, he killed it by raising 800 percent above the target to $2M.
Having seen this first-hand, it’s such a bad ass helmet. More importantly, it could save lives and provide a safer ride for motorcycle enthusiasts. Watch my exclusive interview with the co-founder and VP of Business Operations Mitchell Weller as he walks you through the features, software, price and roll out plan.
Watch the helmet in action below
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