Small biz owners "Stick It" to naysayers in new GoDaddy campaign

Brutal truth describes GoDaddy’s new ad campaign where small business owners tell their naysayers to “Stick it” with a fair amount of finger-pointing (just not the middle one).
Building off its momentum to empower small business owners, GoDaddy will roll out its 2014 advertising campaign today with its first of two ads during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” tonight.
The TV ads “Stick It” and “Related,” which were produced by New York-based agency Barton F. Graf 9000, use unorthodox humor to address the problems very small businesses (VSB) face on a daily basis. The majority of these VSBs typically only have one-to-five employees.
“Stick It” hilariously captures the “I told you so” moment small business owners have when they prove all their naysayers wrong. After all, who wouldn’t want to want to brag about their success after all those Thanksgiving dinners with doubtful and opinionated relatives?
Looking at how family members interact with small business owners in a different light, “Related” highlights the joy of a shop owner’s first sale that wasn’t made to their mom. Hip swinging and thrusting is included, of course.
Over the last year, the world’s largest technology provider to small businesses has been working to redesign its brand perception to more of a girl power and kick ass image with the “It’s go time” mantra. The awesome part of the “Stick” and “Related” campaign is that these ads are based on real stories from small business owners.
“These aren’t your run-of-the-mill ‘Hallmark-style,’ warm and fuzzy commercials,” GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman said in a statement. “Our new ads are in-your-face about how hard it can be to make a go of it with your own business and how critical it is to have a reliable, easy-to-use online partner.”
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