Gadgets for the Guru: Headphones Showdown

The AZTB team tested some awesome headphones of all sizes for this week’s Gadgets for the Guru. Let the Headphones Showdown begin…
headphones-3AUVIO Stereo Wireless Headphones
The AUVIO wireless headphones seamlessly sync to a music player or television and deliver quality sound. These headphones can be used for personal, at-home use while relaxing and watching TV, or just kicking back and listening to some tunes. In the box you get the stereo wireless headphones, transmitter/charging stand, AC adapter, stereo audio cable, stereo RCA to stereo 1/8″ adapter, and stereo 1/8″ to stereo 1/4″ adapter. The AUVIO headphones feature padded earcups and adjustable headband for comfort and are completely wireless with up to 150-foot range.
Available at RadioShack right now for $62.99
AZTB Review: In a world full of Bluetooth-enabled devices, the AUVIO headphones do not possess that capability. But it is a great option for awesome sound – as long as you can get use to an extra charging stand mounted in your entertainment center. Moreover, the AUVIO’s are comfy and convenient, yet they do need 3 AAA batteries.
Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones
The Beats Solo HD headphones are bendable/foldable, lightweight and compact, and can easily fit into the padded pouch that comes in the box. Also in the box is an inline remote & microphone cable. The Beats Solo HD require the cable to listen to the newest tracks, and are not Bluetooth capable. The Beats Solo HD come in a variety of colors such as matte black, matte white, matte blue, and matte magenta-among others.
Available at RadioShack right now for $169.99
AZTB Review: The Beats Solo HD does not posses Bluetooth capability, but the compact and foldable feature makes up for it. Even when wired, these headphones have great sound with a stylish and comfortable feeling to them. The Beats Solo HD is a good alternative to the other more expensive and bigger Beats headphones. Affordability and foldability all in one.
headphones-4FRENDS Taylor Rose Gold
These stylish headphones from FRENDS are the perfect purchase for the fashionista in you. The Taylor Rose Gold headphones come with a luxurious white leather headband and rose gold plates over the ears. The Taylor’s come in a variety of colors such as oil slick, gold, silver, and rose gold.
Available at for $199.00
AZTB review: If you prefer a trendy fashion accessory over sound, than these headphones are for you. They fit nicely and comfortably, yet it lacks in robust sound and bass.
headphones Tuiscollage.jpgOutdoor Tech Tuis
The Tuis from Outdoor Tech are a set of completely wireless headphones that fold to fit easily into the pouch given in the box. With a matte black color scheme (also comes in gray), the Tuis are comfy, fully portable, and capable of pairing with any Bluetooth-enabled device like your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The crystal-clear audio has a range of up to 30 feet and the headphones allow an individual to place hands-free phone calls. A 3.5mm auxiliary jack comes standard in the box and allows you to use them in situations that don’t allow for Bluetooth connectivity, like on an airplane or with a device that lacks wireless capability.
Available on Outdoor Tech’s website for $149.95
AZTB Review: The AZTB team likes the completely wireless feature and Bluetooth connectivity. We also like how they are compact and can fit simply into the pouch provided. The sound is not as full-bodied because the Tuis don’t completely cover your ears.
headphones-privatesOutdoor Tech Privates
The Privates headphones by Outdoor Tech also come equipped with completely wireless, Bluetooth capability. Sync any one of your favorite devices to the Privates and you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes in no time. The Privates come in black, army green, mustard, turquoise, purplish, crimson and gray, and can fold to fit comfortably in a backpack or bag. The Privates are also armed with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for those that cannot pair the Privates with a Bluetooth-enabled device. With touch controls on the outside of the ears, a user can easily swipe a finger to turn up/down the volume of their music. Touch your Privates in public.
Available on Outdoor Tech’s website for $99.95
AZTB review: The Privates are a good set of headphones that easily sync to a Bluetooth-enabled device. But we found that the swiping feature was a little difficult to perform. These headphones are more for the rugged individual.

headphones-13SleepPhones and RunPhones

These headphones are the most comfortable listening gadgets you’ll ever wear. Thin padded speakers are lined on the inside of both headphones, wrapped around the same Polartec fleece. The fabric is perfect for dozing off into a deep slumber or wiping away drops of sweat while listening to your preferred music. To keep clean, the speakers are removable, which enables the headband to be washed. Go for a seamless run or a cozy sleep with these comfy headphones.

Available at or and they range from $39.95-$99.95

AZTB Review: These headphones don’t deliver the best sound quality in terms of fullness and bass, but they are extremely comfortable. We would recommend these for the runner that loves to jam out to tunes, or someone who likes to doze off to tranquil music.
headphones-1Sol Republic Master Tracks
These noticeably big, over-ear headphones are comfy and come with excellent sound. The ‘big’ parts of these headphones are the over-ear cups that essentially encircle your entire ear, comfortably. The Master Tracks are not wireless or Bluetooth-enabled but the Sonicsoft speaker pads create an unparalleled and immersive sound experience. The Master Tracks feature a few color options such as electric blue, gunmetal and white.
Available at RadioShack fro $149.99
AZTB Review: The big Sonicsoft speaker pads are extremely comfy. The AZTB team could wear them all day. The sound? Even better. Crystal clear quality and great bass makes for an amazing music experience.
headphones-11Pioneer SE-MX7-L headphones
These awesome headphones have something that no other headphones on the market have; advanced bass level control. On the outside of one of the earcups, there is a dial that controls the level of bass during a song. The Pioneer headphones are stylish and comfy and come in four different colors; matte white, matte black, matte blue, and matte orange. These high quality headphones deliver great sound and units for powerful low frequency and clear mid-high reproduction. The Pioneer headphones are not wireless and require the 3.5mm auxiliary cable.
Available on Pioneer’s website for $199.99
AZTB Review: The advanced bass control feature is one of the coolest things ever; being able to turn up the bass on a song that utilizes ‘big bass’ sound is a great feature in these comfy headphones.
headphone-10JAM Transit Buds
These wireless earbuds are perfect for individuals with a busy lifestyle. If you absolutely loathe those dangling wires from your ears, then sync up the JAM Transit Buds to your Bluetooth-enabled device and listen to your heart’s content. Walk away from your device for up to 30 feet. They even feature a magnetic connection that secures them safely around your neck- perfect for when you want to take a break
Available on JAM Audio’s website for $39.99
AZTB Review: One of our AZTB team members went for a run with these headphones and they had great sound for being wireless. The earbuds have on-ear buttons that allows the user to seamlessly change the volume, change the song, press and pause a song, and answer a phone call.
The thinnest headphones on the market; at less than 1/4″ total thickness, you can barely feel the foam-covered speakers lying flat against your ears. Fall asleep to your favorite slumber time music. Slow jams never sounded so good. In the box you receive a satin eye mask, sturdy-sided travel case, and two pairs of replacement foams.
Available on Bedphones website for $54.95
AZTB Review: The Bedphones are so comfy…one AZTB team member dozed off in a beanbag in the office. These headphoens offer quality sound with extreme comfort.
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