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140 characters can carry a lot of weight nowadays. It can be used to retweet the news, have conversations with your friends and send personal blasts out to the world, all while in the public sphere.
For those seeking a bit more privacy around sharing their thoughts there is Tweeling, a new app that gives Twitter users more control of their private and public accounts, toggling between accounts with ease and have all the feeds meshed into one stream.
Created by Phoenix-based design firm Qualia, Robert Neal, director of strategy, said in a statement that the firm developed the app because, “we found it odd and annoying that Twitter didn’t have an option for people to restrict their tweets when they wanted to.”
“Up until now Twitter users have been forced to have two accounts and log in and out of them in order to have privacy options on their tweets,” Neal said. “Tweeling fixes that.”
Once users register their Twitter accounts with Tweeling, the iOS app pulls the Twitter feed and followers from their private and public accounts and merges them into a unified feed, simplifying this services to one login function. From this feed, users can designate which accounts to send their retweets and replies from.
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“There’s no excuse for having such a rudimentary social media platform in 2014 that you can’t control your privacy,” Bravo said. “We love a lot of aspects of Twitter and we just want to contribute to making it better instead of waiting around for them to do it.”
Tweeling users can also tweet their own content from the interface and choose which account that tweet will be sent from.
Another problem Tweeling addresses is Twitter’s reply function from private accounts. When a private Twitter user wants to send a reply tweet to a user who isn’t following the private account, the tweet is lost because the user won’t be able to see a private reply.
“This happens everyday and Twitter users have no idea their replies aren’t being seen by the intended recipient,” Bravo said.
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To fix this, Tweeling notifies users that their tweet won’t be seen by the intended recipient and gives them the option to reply anyway or not.
“We want our users to feel like they have one account. We want them to have both a private and public Twitter life,” Neal said. “That’s what people have come to expect from social networks and there’s no reason it should be different for Twitter.”
For now, Tweeling is only offered for iOS users and Qualia doesn’t have any concrete plans to develop the app for Android.