GoDaddy acquires the scrappy and happy email marketing co. Mad Mimi

Gary Levitt, co-founder and CEO, Mad Mimi, began his business with music in mind. Levitt, a bass player, and his brother, wanted to develop an app that helped musicians create online press kits. About six months into it, they switched and developed a product that allowed people to produce marketing emails in a simple, musical-like way, with as many details as possible. Mad Mimi has grown to over 150,000 customers and are known for their personal approach to customer service and scrappy, small business mindset. Today, this good vibe company was acquired by GoDaddy.
If you’ve been following along, GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar, is on a buying spree and snatching up companies that help enhance their platform and provide tools for small businesses to thrive, and recently filed for IPO.
Steven Aldrich, senior vice president of Business Applications, GoDaddy, said what was awesome about Mad Mimi was two things “First, it was the incredible simplicity of the Mad Mimi offerings and the way they help customers create elegant email communication in a very simple and straight forward way. The second was their teams’ approach to customer care and the amount of detail and attention to the content of interactions with small business. Gary’s team has spent years perfecting the tone and energy that is put into interactions between customer care agents and their customer, and teaching their customers how to solve their problems with empathy-it was very impactful to bring our companies together.”
Ultimate happiness is the phrase that comes to mind when talking with Levitt about his company and their approach towards customers. Levitt shared that countless hours of training goes into their customer service agents (known as Community Therapists) to fine tune their email communications and deliver the right positive energy and empathy during interactions.
“We care really deeply about making the mom and pop small business owner happy. We are not thinking about how many dollars that interaction is going to bring us, nor will we skimp on service. We spend hundreds of hours training new people and try to improve their communication,” he said.
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Levitt attributes Mad Mimi’s success to two core values, building a quality product and hyper-focusing on customer appreciation, “We are super personal, we get to know the people and we take a lot of time to understand who we are talking to,” Levitt said. “We really try to provide our Community Therapists extreme tools on how to make people happy-and it’s a beautiful cycle of happiness.”
One thing both companies are happy about is the culture matchup, “The teams on all sides were excited by the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to be an advocate for small businesses,”Aldrich said. “There is a common spirit here. Gary and the team are entrepreneurs and built Mad Mimi from the ground up and we all have this scrappy, can-do mentality that is required of small businesses. We want to keep that attitude and translate it into products and services we provide.”
As for the Mad Mimi customers, Aldrich said they will continue to function as is and over time GoDaddy will brand their own version and integrate the same care, connectivity and tone of the Mad Mimi brand, but “we don’t know what that looks like yet,” he said.
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