Crowd Mics win over Shark Tank CoatChex and holograms in latest startup battle

Co-founders and brothers Tim and Sean Holladay are on a roll and scooping up wins from SXSW V2V and now the latest from Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) 2014 Event Innovation Battlefield. SISO is a group of influential companies, corporations and other for-profit entities that own, produce or provide full service management for trade shows, conferences and more-the exact people they want using their app.

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Tim & Sean win the Battlefield

“The Event Battlefield is an important motivational hub for innovation, ideas, talent and products,” said Lew Shomer, Executive Director of SISO. “It gives our members the ability to see what’s on the drawing boards now that will drive our industry in the future. We can also help incubate, develop and assist in the delivery of products and services to the market. It’s a win-win-win which will advance the event industry.”
The brothers battled it out and won against two other strong contenders with a landslide audience vote. The startups were: CoatChex, seen on Shark Tank, is an app that eliminates the need for claim tickets and matches your face to your personal items via mobile device, and PRSONAS, a virtual smart presenter that uses holograms and artificial intelligence to interact with consumers in any language.
Tim & Sean win at SXSW V2V
Tim & Sean win at SXSW V2

Tim shared his reaction soon after the win, “The crowd of industry leaders and tradeshow managers were electrified when we presented the idea that their participants’ smartphones could become wireless microphones,” he said.
“We were excited to see a huge response for Crowd Mics and more encouraged by the reaction from industry leaders. We are also thrilled to have another win under our belt and confirms we are solving a real issue for tradeshows and conferences everywhere.”
CrowdMics was recently noted by USA Today as one of the up-and-coming startups from Arizona.
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