Apps that will make you ROFLOL!

Doctors have prescribed it for years and scientists have proven that laughter is nature’s medicine. The act of laughing has shown to enhance oxygen intake, relax muscles, triggers endorphins and relieve pain. Today we mourn the loss of a great icon in the comedic world Robin Williams-one who made millions around the world laugh to the point of busting buttons. We hope to celebrate his gift of laughter by encouraging more belly laughs during your day to enhance your health and happiness. We’ve gathered some goofy and funny apps that you can use on-the-go for a giggle.
iFunFacefunny apps
If you love Jib Jab, this app will make you laugh. With over 2M downloads, iFunFace allows you to make an animated photos or video-and to add to the funny, you can swap heads, add voice filters and accessories; or if you are feeling extra creative, make videos with more than four characters that can interact with each other. Earlier this year they added an eCard option. Available on iTunes.
My Talking Pet
Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.34.04 AM
If only we could hear our pet talk, or maybe we can. My Talking Pet lets you choose a photo of your furry friend, then start talking into your mic and voila, talking pet. Choose from various voice filters, and if you want to see your hamster to talk like a Great Dane, you can make that happen. Available on iTunes and Google Play.
MemeGen App by Imgur

Imgur via GilfMagnet
“I am loaf” Imgur via GilfMagnet

Who doesn’t like a good meme? The MemeGen app by Imgur can help you create memes from the most popular photos on Here is one of the popular photos today titled “I am loaf” on Imgur that is screaming for a meme…Available on Google Play or iTunes.
 Funny Jokes
Funny Jokes app
Swiss CodeMonkeys | Funny Jokes App

How about a good joke to lighten up the day? The Funny Jokes app will arm you with thousands of jokes and allow you to add your own, post on social, and rate them. So beware, if your joke sucks, you’ll hear about it. Available on Google Play.
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 Lead graphic “Happy Dog” courtesy of Imgur – adopt a pet
Source: Cancer Center of America on Humor Therapy