Gadgets for the Guru-End of Summer Memories Edition

Don’t leave any memories behind this summer. Grab your photography gadgets and memory apps to help you remember this spectacular year.

Watershot Underwater Camera Housing

Do you love the water? From snorkeling, swimming to scuba diving, the Watershot Underwater Camera Housing is the perfect gift. The housing kit comes complete with two large removable lenses – a flat port and wide-angle. The wide-angle lens increases the field of view to 110 degrees. Users can go up to 195 feet or 60 meters underwater. There is also a removable colored grip so that users can change colors based on their mood. The phone is fully suspended within the housing so that the screen and the phone can be shielded from shock, pressure, wear and tear. A Watershot app is available to maximize the camera functions while underwater, users can also share their location and photos to their favorite social media channels through the app.

Available for iPhone 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy 3 and up.

Starting at $99.99

Do you love filters and different photo modes? Then, check out the 4-in-1 OlioClip! The OlioClip is a unique quick-connect solution for smartphones. It features 4 lenses — fisheye, wide-angle, 10x macro and 15x macro — in one small, convenient package that fits easily in a pocket and in the palm of the hand. The OlioClip is compatible with all popular photo-editing and social media apps, which is perfect for any photo loving user.
Starting at $69.95


Mixbook’s Mosaic

Mosaic allows users to create instant photo books using the Mosaic app. iPhone and Android users can use pictures stored on their phone to create a 20-page photo book in 5 minutes. Mosaic will also deliver your photo book in 4 days!

Available for Apple and Android users.

$20 Watch Mosaic in action by clicking here.

*AZTB was able to try out Mosaic and here is a quick review of the app/service.

The app itself is a little hard to navigate. You start by choosing 20 pictures to place in your photobook. But, it isn’t easy to place pictures in the order you want. Moving/dragging pictures doesn’t work on the app. So let’s say, you decide you don’t want “picture 4” in the lineup for your final product, you essentially have to remove “pictures 5-20” to then be able to change “picture 4.” It makes it tedious for the user.

The shipping was really fast. Our package came in two days instead of four.

Packaging is also great. It comes in a nifty cardboard box that keeps the photo book safe while being shipped. The book itself was smaller than I thought it was going to be, but the size is definitely adequate. The picture quality really depends on the quality of pictures that you submit. Our photo book came out great


  • Enhance usability of the app
  • Add more features for customization of the photobook (text, borders, graphics, etc.)

Leica C Camera and Clutch
Leica C_light-goldCapture milestones of your life with the Leica C Camera. The Leica C camera comes with an optional, trendy Leica C-clutch. The camera takes sharp images with brilliant, natural colors and outstanding contrast. If you’re  a youthful fashionista with an inkling for snapping pictures, the Leica C’s unusually large sensor and precise optics is the perfect fit.
Leica C camera $699
Leica C-clutch $160



Do you love Instagram? Sticky9 transforms your Instagram photos into iPad covers, Instagram magnets and phone cases. Users do not have to download an app to create their personalized products, all they have to do is to connect their Instagram on to Sticky9′s site and they can create away. Sticky9 also provides free shipping worldwide so you can send your love ones something special.

Available on iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up, iPad Mini, Galaxy S3 and up. 

$34.99 and up

*AZTB was able to try out Sticky 9 and here is a quick review of the app/service.

The website was easy to navigate and connecting to our Instagram account was hassle-free because we did not need to create additional accounts. After connecting, the site also shows a list of your followers so that you can use their pictures as well. This is great if your friends have images that you really like! However, if your follower’s account is private, you would not have access to their pictures.

AZTB made an iPad cover, and there are 8 templates to choose from, ranging from 4 to 20 pictures. You can move the pictures around easily, and choose from a white or black border. We were able to finish everything in less than 10 minutes. Check out was also easy and hassle-free.

Shipping took longer than expected, however our package came from Europe, which explains why it took a while.

The iPad cover from Sticky9 was really nice, it works just like an Apple smart cover. The finished product  was nice and the pictures were printed out in high quality. The only con would be there is no back cover or an option to select a case with a back cover.