Startup GESDATE help farmers manage herd hookups via mooobile

GESDATE LLC, a Gilbert-based startup, is getting in the agriculture/livestock industry and built a  mobile and web application to help farmers with herd management. The app and BI web portal allows breeders to manage data affiliated with their herd.
“Our focus was to build an app that would serve a niche that was easy to market and had little or no apps available in that specific market,” said Joshua Cork, co-founder of GESDATE LLC. “We firmly believe our software is going to break a lot of paradigms and change the way the livestock show industry currently operates.”
GESDATE’s mobile database allows the users to store all information relating to each individual animal including breeding details, heat dates, lineage, medical care and other critical data used in the operation of raising livestock.
The app also provides alerts and notifications about important events, including when females are coming into heat, when vaccinations are due, and females are due to give birth. GESDATE alScreen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.08.42 PMso allows for sharing of real-time data between users through Microsoft’s Azure Platform.
“Building the app storage in the cloud allows our customers to seamlessly share their data across multiple devices and people,” said Michael Johanson, cofounder. “We believe we’re the only app on the market right now that’s able to pull that off. Additionally our customer’s data is always backed up and always kept in sync.”
Farmers in rural areas can also use the data out in the field and sync up their information once they return to WIFI or cell signal.
The company used the mobile app beta testing firm UberTesters, which utilized crowdsourced testers who use multiple iOS devices. The results allowed the team to refine that app into a polished, user-friendly tool. The first version of the app is targeted to the swine industry, but the company plans to branch out to cattle, sheep, goat, and dairy industry in the near future.
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“Believe it or not, many of today’s livestock producers in the agricultural community are still using spiral bound notebooks, whiteboards or old outdated DOS software simply because nothing else efficient has been developed for the market,” said Jeff Maynard, cofounder.
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