Buy it or build it, drones take flight on AZ Family TV – Video

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or as many refer to as drones, are changing the way we see the world from above. From hobbyists to the weekend photographer, drones are buzzing their way into our homes, but it doesn’t come without regulations.
The FAA is pushing for stricter regulations for drone users, but for now, they lump the vehicle into the same category as model airplanes and regulates flight to 400 feet-anything over that, you are bumping up against commercial aircraft space. So for the hobbyist or recreational user, you are in the clear, but don’t try to make money with them as they are banned for commercial use.
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If you are thinking about getting a drone, the consumer models range from $100-400*, but you can certainly spend more, or built it yourself. Scott Pasmore, reporter, AZ Family and I show you the latest drone on the market and talk about the dos and don’t of this recreational pastime.


Some extra tips on learning to fly drones: Make sure you learn in an open space away from any obstruction (trees, powerlines, cars, etc.), do not be a creeper and film your neighbors (this is an invasion of privacy), buy extra batteries, watch the training videos, adjust the settings to beginner mode then work your way up to higher speeds and distance, and practice, practice, practice because you will crash, crash, crash.
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*Parrot drones are shown in the TV segment. Learn more about them here.