Gear up for school with these AZ-based edu tech tools

Edu tech startups have been thriving in Arizona, with many receiving funding through incubators and grants to pursue their endeavors. We gathered a list of just a few of the young educational technology companies and how they are helping students gear up for the school year.

NoteBowl: a comprehensive platform for universities that goes beyond the standard learning management system (LMS) by putting the entire university experience in one place.
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EXP Trips: a simplified, technological method for student groups to plan a trip to their desired foreign destination.
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MyBeeble:  an app that not only allows people to buy and sell textbooks through social networks, but also helps students meet other like-minded classmates that might share the same course schedule.
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Parchment: a resource that allows students to request, store and share their transcripts in electronic form. 
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Beamz: Beamz Interactive, a state-of-the-art interactive music product and technology company, recently announced the completion of a $1M dollar raise to boost sales and marketing efforts, including the education market.
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BlueSpark: a self-help tool that tracks multiple aspects of a student athlete’s academic and athletic career.
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Roster Recharge: management software, offers programs and tools for coaches and sports teams of all levels to achieve next-level success.
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YourLabs: an e-learning software that connects professors and students by providing detailed analytics and allowing students to ask questions in a mobile format
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Read Together: a collaborative reading application that allows families to enjoy e-books together all the time, even when apart. No more missed bedtime stories or reading assignments when a parent is away.
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Support My Club: an organization that connects after school clubs around the valley that are in need of funding with donors to help launch the clubs and keep high school students engaged and occupied. SMC and its donors have helped fulfill more than 1,300 item requests and students have performed over 2,700 hours of community service in gratitude for these items.
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