Embark on an adventure this summer w/ these apps

Summer vacation is here, so it’s time to take out your smartphone and download a handy app to help with your travel planning. The AZTB team has complied a list of a few apps that we think will help an ordinary family embark on an extraordinary vacation.
Trover, an extraordinary social photo community for explorers, recently released a new Android app. Similar to its existing web and iOS app, Trover for Android makes it easy to visually explore the best of everywhere, whether around the corner or around the world. Designed for on-the-go discovery, the free app helps explorers capture beautiful places, exchange stories, share helpful tips from past journeys, and collect ideas for great places to go.
Capture the moment and have fun while on vacation, with the Trover app.
iOS download here
Android download here
Outski logoOutski
If a social media site, a travel site and an online banking site were all put into a blender, the outcome might be Outski. Tucson-based Outski allows users to search and book flights and hotels through the site, but it adds a social element to it, where vacation plans can be shared with friends and family. It allows people to discuss vacation ideas online and share links and thoughts.
The other thing that sets Outski apart from other travel sites is its “vacation savings accounts.” Outski allows people to set up savings accounts on the website so they can save for their trips directly with Outski. Customers can also set up a “401(play),” which will deposit a percentage of each paycheck into an Outski account.
iOS download here
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Localeikki, a Flagstaff-based startup, developed a community-based mobile app and website that helps travelers locate running, hiking and cycling trails around the country complete with ratings, amenity listings and photos. As well, you can simply find a regularly scheduled ride or run in your area.
iOS download here
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EXP Trips pic-1EXP Trips
Organizing a big group of students traveling domestically or abroad can be difficult and may end up being a logistical nightmare, but with Tempe-based startup EXP Trips, users now have a simplified, mainstreamed, and technological method of planning a trip to their desired foreign destination.
EXP Trips pic-2
The TripLeader app is a proprietary tool that acts similarly to a tour guide that will guarantee accurate organization, improve engagement, and increase safety for it participants. EXP Trips has plans to launch their “TripLeader” app in August.
App available next month
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