OnPik – new social media app embeds tweets into photos

OnPik, a new mobile app and social networking community, announced availability in public beta on Android in the Google Play Store and at www.onpik.com. In its first release, OnPik allows consumers to view, create, share and communicate about Tweets embossed on photos.
OnPik delivers additional context, creativity, and personalization to Tweets, fostering increased viral reach and messaging persistence. See a funny Tweet from Jimmy Fallon – put it on a selfie and text it to friends! Love singer Katy Perry – emboss her Tweet on a photo and share it with your followers! Vote, comment on and communicate with others on OnPik and share to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!
OnPik is free of charge and requires neither registration nor a Twitter account to use. To create content and vote, you need to register.
“OnPik is unique in two respects”, says OnPik CEO Chris Munnelly. “First, it provides Tweets with enhanced context and personalization; second, by packaging Tweets as photos, there are opportunities for broader viral sharing across multiple platforms.”
Similar apps and services, such as Imgur and Whisper, have created vibrant communities in part by popularizing messages on photographs. OnPik takes this to the next level by unleashing the power of Twitter into photo format. OnPik is ideal for both active and casual Twitter users and those not yet on Twitter.
While early in its rollout, OnPik believes it will help boost the appeal of Twitter among the more visually oriented Snapchat generation, some of whom have characterized OnPik as a “photo Twitter reader”. OnPik has horizontal market appeal and the potential to bring added value to the sports, entertainment, political and comedy realms.
onpik-1OnPik is a subsidiary of SpiffBox Inc., which is a priority messaging marketplace. OnPik has been submitted to the Apple iTunes Store for approval and should be available in the near future. You can download OnPik for the Android market at the Google Play Store
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