SpyFu Disrupts SEO by finding the best inbound links via keyword

Rankings. Marketers and SEO experts lose sleep on how to get their clients’ and their company’s website ranked higher on Google or to the top of a page one search. Yes there are tools out there that offer a comprehensive report, ranking capabilities and the ability to see all the links from whatever domain you plug-in-but filtering out the junk is any link builder’s nightmare and can take up the bulk of the day. One local company aims to help lessen this drudgery and simplify the process down to one keyword.
SpyFu, a marketing research and tracking and SEO-based company, launched their new disruptive tool to their suite of search engine marketing products that has the ability to filter out the best links via one word. The Backlink Builder is a tool that focuses on providing quality and relevant links to the user through keyword search, a feature that isn’t available with their competitors.
CEO and founder Mike Roberts built this tool out of frustration and wanted to improve the SEO output and user experience.
“It was a frustrating moment for me. I was trying to find places to go, type in domains and see their backlinks. I typed in my domain and looked at 15 million backlinks and found a ton of spam. [I wanted to discover] which ones would help me boost my rank and there was no way to know, and I wanted to figure out a better way.”
With the ability to complete a keyword search, the user is going to have an immense time savings.
“It’s going to save people currently doing link building 90 percent of their day,” Roberts said.
Additional features of the tool include:

  • Advanced Filtering which allows the user to filter by keyword and drill down to the best backlinks, exclude backlinks from sites and enter their own domain so they don’t get repeat backlinks.
  • Google Indexed Pages reveals only the strongest, trustworthy, backlinks and the best ranked content.
  • Backlink Kombat helps the user compare domains against their competitors.

The tool also provides contact information to the user in order to make outreach accessible and easy for anyone.
“Ideally Backlink Builder can create relationships over a long period of time with a connection and link exchange or guest blogging. We are giving the consumers the tools to complete the cycle.” Roberts said.
SpyFu has experienced immense growth since they launched seven years ago and currently have 150,000 users per month and have had a 40 percent subscription growth year after year.
Roberts recently spoke at AZTB Silicon Desert and shared his ability to grow his company organically and without funding.
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