Startup EXP Trips amps up student traveling

Organizing a big group of students traveling domestically or abroad can be difficult and may end up being a logistical nightmare, but with startup EXP Trips, users now have a simplified, mainstreamed, and technological method of planning a trip to their desired foreign destination.
Founder of EXP Trips, Jake Pfeiffer, realized that there was an overwhelming demand in the market for group-travel and he wanted to find a way to make it easier to organize and execute. EXP Trips is a one-stop student-traveling planner complete with new technologies and integration of international travel that are not utilized by other travel planning organizations.
Pfeiffer, started the company after a brief stint in the corporate world following graduation from ASU. Pfeiffer expressed, “I immediately realized the corporate world wasn’t for me,” and with his passion for traveling and seeing the world…EXP Trips was born.
EXP Trips has plans to launch a “TripLeader” app in August that will coincide with their final pitch at MAC6. The TripLeader app is a proprietary tool that acts similarly to a tour guide that will guarantee accurate organization, improve engagement, and increase safety for it participants.
EXP Trips began their journey at Tempe’s MAC6 incubator where they went through a rigorous 6-month development process. EXP Trips was also one of six companies chosen to pitch at MAC6’s venture pitch event in August 2014. After the final pitch, the incubation process commences and continues for nine more months to ensure a completed business plan and obtainment of funding.
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When a student organization wants to plan a trip they first contact EXP Trips who then takes care of everything from the itinerary to the curriculum-focused activities. One of EXP Trips’ main goals is to transform the desired destination into a playground and a classroom to make certain that the participants have a double dose of fun and education. A local tour guide with expert knowledge of the destination will travel with the group at all times in addition to the EXP Trips host that too travels alongside the group.
EXP Trips has revolutionized the student-traveling scene with its technological integration and devotion to cultural immersion. Stay tuned in the coming months for more coverage of this exciting startup coming out of MAC6. Explore, experience, and expand with EXP Trips.
To learn more about EXP Trips visit their newly revamped website
Graphics provided by EXP Trips