Tallwave announces 10 new ventures in High Tide 3

Tallwave’s High Tide 3 kicks off Thursday June 5 as the next batch of ventures are announced. High-profile local investors, top corporations and entrepreneurial community influencers will all gather to celebrate the newest additions to the High Tide program.
Leading EdTech, Healthcare and Digital IT entrepreneurs from across the country will be introduced as the final few that have been selected to participate in Tallwave’s latest High Tide.
The 10 new ventures in High Tide 3 are:
Brilliant Teachers: To address the disparate availability of relevant, quality course lessons in our education system, Brilliant Teachers leverages a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform to deliver the best courses from the best teachers across America to students everywhere. Optimized by subject, grade level, and specific needs, students will be able to access high quality educational, digital content anywhere, any time, on any device on a fee-per-course basis.
Fastlane: Fastlane.io is a virtual point of sale system for merchants that grants control in the way items are purchased and paid for, while increasing credit card security for customers using the Fastlane.io app. Fastlane.io provides greater purchasing freedom for shoppers so they don’t have to wait in line at checkouts, and more protection against fraud for companies like Target and Starbucks.
Learnteria: Learnteria is a first-of-its kind tool that allows you to research, rate and review the educational resources you use every day. What makes Learnteria unique is its scope and interactivity. With Learnteria, PreK-12 educational resource consumers can research textbooks, rate athletic equipment, review leadership conferences and much more. Learnteria is designed to make decision making easier by compiling resources in a single location and supplying feedback from fellow educators and the entire community.
Gonzar: Gonzar is a leading mobile messaging app company that provides engaging, stylish, and branded messaging experiences to teens and college aged mobile app users. Gonzar users shop, download and personalize messaging templates to make everyday and special occasion messaging more fun.
MyDiem: MyDiem is an online communication portal and smartphone app that efficiently connects schools and organizations to parents.
Solution54: Solution54 is a cloud based B2B platform that allows brick and mortar retailers to collaborate and sell their inventory to customers in shops across the country. In sum, the Solution54 closed network connects separately owned retail stores to help them move product, as well as access a huge virtual inventory for their customers.
Norin.TV: Norin.TV is creating the Netflix for learning English, a website where users learn English by watching popular American TV shows like Breaking Bad and Hollywood movies.
Vida Systems: Vida Systems is a scalable science-teaching platform that uses 3D graphics, social media integration, and game-based learning to educate college students in human anatomy and physiology. Integrating tightly with classroom curriculum, Vida provides a much-needed reprieve from stale, 2D textbooks, as well as analytics tools for professors and publishers.
Talk 2 Legends: Talk 2 Legends is a communication platform that allows athletes to text or video chat with their fan base, at a predetermined rate.
Read Together: Read Together is a collaborative reading application that allows families to enjoy e-books together, even when apart. No more missed bedtime stories or reading assignments when a parent is away – Read Together users can turn pages, build vocabulary, and discuss plot twists with a device of their choice.
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