Gadgets for the Guru-camping edition

Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker
This tiny speaker (3.5in by 2.3in) from Lepow is packed with powerful sound. Weighing under seven ounces it has an impressive 360-degree surround sound and over 7 hours of playback. It has a Smart Bluetooth Connection that allows you to automatically connect your device. A built-in microphone for speaker phone function lets you make/receive phone calls easily.
*AZTB received a review unit and here is a short rundown of what our reviewers thought.

  • The speaker was really powerful, despite its size it performs way better then other bigger Bluetooth speakers
  • Brought the speaker on a camping trip and the audio quality of the speaker was twice as good as a bigger Bluetooth speaker
  • Battery life is awesome
  • Easy to use


  • Bass tones was alright
  • Wasn’t able to get the microphone function working.

MT350PairMotorola Talkabout MT350R
This pair of Motorola walkie talkies are great for outdoor enthusiasts to bring on their hikes and camping trips. With a range of 23 miles, users can stay in touch with their love ones while exploring the outdoors! There is also 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) with alert features so you know the best conditions for your preferred outdoor sport!
*A review unit was received and our reviewer used it on a camping trip

  • Did not lose any range while being separate at the camping site
  • Kids really like how easy it is to use it
  • The walkie-talkies came with built in LED flash light, which is a great plus while walking at night
  • Super durable, was dropped a few times but it stills functions perfectly
  • Push to talk was really easy and the audio quality was great
  • The walkie talkies came with a full battery charge which is great as a lot of devices do not come fully charge

Task One-Black-gadget

The TaskOne iPhone case contains 22 different tools while maintaining a thin appearance.  TaskOne case features a removable 2.5” knife for flying or small cutting tasks, a small flathead screwdriver, a medium Phillips screwdriver, pliers, a wire cutter, six metric Allen wrenches, a 120mm ruler, a bottler opener, a kickstand and more. The tools are secured in the case via custom spring assemblies and comes in a variety of cools, such as slate grey, cherry red, jet black and flame orange.



BioLite CampStoveScreen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-4.39.32-PM

The BioLite CampStove allows campers to feed themselves while staying green and keeping connected. Campers can cook their meals by placing renewable biomass, such as the twigs and pinecones that can be collected near the campsite, into the BioLite stove to create a fire. Additionally, the 8.25-inch by 5-inch stove converts the heat from the fire into usable electricity and features a USB cord for charging your devices.


Watch how the BioLite Works: demo here.


1303_utilisation_du_handpresso_autoThe Handpresso Auto

Need a caffeine fix when you are out and about?  The Handpresso Auto is one gadget for those looking to get his or her espresso  fix on-the-go. This espresso maker is compatible with a standard 12-volt car socket. Users plug in their Handpresso Auto, add the required amount of  water (it alerts you when its full) and slip in an  ESE pod of their choice. The espresso maker  takes about two minutes to heat the drink and will beep three times when it is ready. Next, the user just has to flip the Handpresso Auto upside down and press the ‘brew’ button on the side to pour the espresso into his or her cup. The device is the size of a travel mug and fits in most cup holders.


To see how the Handpresso Auto works, CLICK HERE!

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iPhone-5-ProWatershot Underwater Camera Housing
From snorkeling, swimming to scuba diving, the Watershot Underwater Camera Housing is the perfect gift. The housing kit comes complete with two large removable lenses – a flat port and wide angle. The wide angle lens increases the field of view to 110 degrees. Users can go up to 195 feet or 60 meters underwater. There is also a removable colored grip so that users can change colors based on their mood. The phone is fully suspended within the housing so that the screen and the phone can be shielded from shock, pressure, wear and tear. A Watershot app is available to maximize the camera functions while underwater, Moms can also share their location and photos to their favorite social media channels through the app.
Available for iPhone 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy 3 and up.
Starting at $99.99