Startup Splicity app to help biz owners in the art of video storytelling

A new app, Splicity, puts a unique spin on mobile video creation. Splicity Founder Caleb Barclay felt disconnected when he used video apps to tell his story, so he created a video app with humanity at its core and creativity as its main focus.
“I love technology,” the Arizona State University graduate said. “But I wanted to create an application that celebrates life and reminds us that we, as people, have more similarities than differences.”
Splicity began its journey at local nonprofit incubator Seed Spot. Barclay expressed, “Seed Spot was a huge help to connect me to mentors and give me opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s also one of the reasons I have clients right now. Seed Spot was huge in educating me and learning the ropes of startups. Coming out of Seed Spot, I had the tools to get into the market.”
Barclay’s vision took shape through Splicity and its unique storyline-focused architecture. Designed to help users make effective use of the footage they capture, Splicity organizes it sequentially by subject, like chapters in a book, by leveraging the power of hashtags.
For example, a user might use Splicity’s “#BiggestFan” storyline to capture the experience of cheering for their favorite team. Comprised of up to five, 3.5­-second clips, completed videos resemble 17-­second documentaries.
In addition to being a powerful consumer­-focused tool, Splicity’s storyline format changes the
face of advertising for brands; by turning fans into brand advocates. Companies of any size can
create a custom storyline that lets their loyal customers capture brand­-centric experiences in
minutes — redefining peer­-to­-peer marketing.
Upon review of version one, the team agreed that it would have been helpful to have a tutorial as an introduction to the app and explain the separate hashtags and categories for storytelling. In addition, we had some trouble maneuvering through the app and hoped for more all-around intuitiveness. We found the loop feature of the videos entertaining and it had a cool Vine-like feel. The vibe of the stories posted are fun, light and whimsical – something companies may want to portray in their “Splices.”
The team at Splicity has some competition from other video apps such as Videolicious, Vidi and Meipai, among others, but is on their way to offering a unique spin to the art of storytelling.
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