Socious takes business social networking to another level

As many startups and entrepreneurs are vastly aware, a strong foundation and community of like-minded individuals is crucial to a growing company. Simply the support a community can offer, as well as the resources are enough to keep ideas flowing and everything moving in the right direction. With this idea in mind, Socious was born.
Socious, a Gilbert-based company, is an online customer community platform that provides companies with a hub for customers to share ideas, access experts and advice, and provide feedback on products. Socious currently serves over 750K members and customers and many in the health care field. Their customers include Lamaze International, Astro cancer care, and more, and help them building a tighter, ongoing relationship with their customers while obtaining market data.
Socious is a self-funded company that has a unique background. Recognizing the importance of communities and peer-to-peer sharing before “social networking” was coined, Socious started out offering its software to PeopleSoft user groups back in 2002. Since then, they have expanded to B2B and nonprofit association markets.
In 2013, Socious reported year-over-year software sales revenue growth of 28 percent and recorded revenue growth topping 25 percent for the fourth year in a row. A 50 percent increase in directs sales (non-channel partners sales) drove a customer base increase of 29.7 percent in 2013. Impressive stats!
Paul Schneider, co-founder and senior vice president at Socious says these numbers will hopefully be a glimpse at a bright future for the company, “Socious is a privately-held company with no debt, well-known customers, and extensive experience in building successful social communities. Our team is currently at 21 people and we’re expecting to grow by the end of the year.”
They are also hoping to expand overseas. Schneider said, “We now have customers and partners in the Netherlands and in Australia and we’re actively trying expand our reach through a channel program that enables the company to have local sales and support teams in strategic geographies around the world. We want to grow into one of the most successful user communities in the world.”
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