Don't be shy, ask the question with 2Shoes app – startup

In elementary school it’s engrained in our minds at an early age to raise our hands when we have a question, so to not interrupt the speaker – simple classroom etiquette. But what about an individual who sits in a giant 1,000-person lecture hall? How do they ask a question and be heard? Or what about the students who are too shy to even ask a question in the first place?
2Shoes, a Tucson startup, is a web-based question app that aims to empower curiosity and increase interaction in large audience settings through their mobile devices.
Co-founders Elliot Ledley and Danny Kirk conceived the idea for 2Shoes in June 2013 after they had a professor at The University of Arizona who made it uncomfortable for any student to ask a question in class and wanted to make a change for students.
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Their app has been immediate success and within the first five months of their soft launch, 2Shoes has been downloaded and used at several national and international conferences and numerous universities across the U.S. During this time, 2Shoes also raised a seed-funding round and will be developing their full V.1 over the next three months.
2Shoes’ long-term goal is to empower the voice of the audience in other large venue setting such as political debates, town-hall meetings and building out the product to be useful for visually- and hearing-impaired participants; recently the founders have collaborated with the Office of Disability Services at Penn State University to improve the product for this community.
The 2Shoes team is actively improving their website and app interface design and have plans to be ready for a full launch in August.
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