Weekend reads: entrepreneurial success, trimming messages, conquering procrastination

Local entrepreneur Pat Sullivan has just released a free ebook titled “10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success from a Two-time Entrepreneur of the Year.” The 10-chapter book showcases personal anecdotes and tips and tricks for an individual to become a successful entrepreneur. Get it free here.
10-Keys-Cover-FINALWith endless knowledge and skills in his field, Sullivan has co-founded several companies including ACT!, SalesLogix, and more recently Contatta. Sullivan says there is not one, simple secret, but many habits and traits that an individual can live by to become successful. Get it free here. 


Joseph McCormack authored “Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less” to inform people of the ‘Seven Capital Sins’ of writing that can deter your efforts on writing brief, succinct thoughts. McCormack says to avoid these sins at all costs, and to utilize his basic approach to trimming your message. McCormack’s four steps are map it, tell it, talk it, and show it. While “Brief” is only a couple hundred of pages, and could be a fast read, one should take it all in about how to be short and to the point. Purchase it here.

Get It Done
Have you ever started a project and never finished? It’s something we have all have done. So, how do we overcome procrastination? In Sam Bennett’s book “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day” he offers tips and tricks to conquer procrastination. Bennett provides several tips such as breaking up a task or project into 15-minute pieces. He continues to say that a person should not write a “to-do list” but rather write a “could-do list.” Purchase it here.