Desarrollo launches Alchemy Lab – 12-week coding bootcamp program

Desarrollo, an incubator and accelerator program, announced today its plans to launch Alchemy Lab, a twelve-week, hyper-development hacker program designed to elevate skill sets of the next generation of coders.
Founder of Desarrollo, David Rice explained that the program is based on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js), the technologies used by the many of the top Fortune 100 companies and being co-developed with Google. The program is falling in line with a Hack Reactor or Flatiron School (recently funded for $5.5M), where coders finish their education and walk into a job starting at an average salary of $70,000.
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The curriculum was co-developed with Stephen Ward, a System Architect for over 25 years and leader in MEAN stack and mobile development. Ward ran a very successful software consulting and training facility in Canada. He was a part of Cognos Inc., a Pioneer in object-oriented coding and then Sybase, the leader in multi-threaded relational databases, where prototyped applications for clients. Ward was the President of the TSUG (Toronto Sybase User Group), a speaker at the Ann Arbor LIS Symposium, the Developer of the OLIS (Open Lab Information System), and the Developer of Safety Officer II (MSDS).
“We look to help address the dire need for quality software engineers and provide quality career opportunities for our engineers,” Rice said, “Alchemy Lab will provide real world projects, and create more mid/senior level software engineers who are desperately needed in today’s technology consuming world.”
With a sticker price of $12,500, which is competitively priced against with aforementioned programs, Rice plans to bring the same high-level of educational talent in order to elevate the skill set of engineers that can make them more marketable. Rice also said that financial assistance could be available for certain applicants through grants, deferred-payment or scholarships.
“The Alchemist program forms the core for professional success and use it to offer awesome resources to our Alchemist,” Rice said,  “The funds go towards developing the most relevant curriculum, facilities, facilitators, and state of the art environment. This pays off in career opportunities and high average salary potential. We are the only facility of its kind in Arizona and teach the methodologies that are in demand by many of Fortune 100 organizations and many more.”
Rice also plans to engage the community with an Alchemist Au Capstone project where entrepreneurs, state agencies and corporations are able to submit software development projects to be considered for a lead student project.
“Alchemy Lab is a great addition to the CIS graduates and taking them to the next level of their education and experience. The most important part about programming is not about how well you read ones and zeroes, but it is more about an individual can understand how everything works together,” Rice said.
Alchemy Lab is now accepting applications for its next round of potential participants, or as Rice refers to them as “Alchemists”.
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