Startup Find Your Influence launches digital mkt tool to boost social reach

Co-founders Jamie Sims and Crisitine Vieira found a gap in the market and the need for businesses to build their brand by boosting their social reach. Find Your Influence (FYI) is a cloud-based, web application that enables advertisers, agencies and influencers to efficiently manage campaigns from beginning to end using one product interface and maxing out their reach by utilizing ones’ social platform (influencer) to market their company.
Shifting money out of paid search and into influencer marketing is what we are seeing in the market place for small- to medium-sized businesses, Sims shared.
Sims and Vieira met while both working at LifeLock and they immediately hit it off. Not only do these two women share a passion for digital marketing, and have over 20 years of experience between the two, they also share an enthusiasm for finding solutions that will fix industry pain points.
During their extensive research of the market they found that influencers were third, behind retail giants like and a brand’s own website, for the most powerful influencing tool. Vieira added, “Individuals like to hear things from people they know or recognize,” therefore cementing the role of the influencer.
FYI screenshot
One such example the founders referenced was local mommy blogger, Sara Wellensiek founder of who has built her brand on cooking, creating and traveling with kids. For FYI, Wellensiek is considered an influencer in her field because of her vast reach and following, which makes her the perfect candidate for the FYI influencer platform and companies that target that market segment.
Online influencers are ranked and categorized into one of three levels:

  • Classic Influencer, 20k+ reach
  • Advantage Influencer, 50k+ reach
  • Power Influencer, 80k+ reach

A business has the option to utilize FYI’s influencer program to reach those influencers, or they may choose to go the other route and conduct marketing practices from FYI’s other available services. Their subscription-based service has three pricing tiers ranging from $299-$999; as the price increases, more campaign features are made available.
The FYI platform also integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest APIs to provide third-party validation on the influencers’ reach. YouTube, Google Analytics, Instagram and Google+ metrics will be available on the platform soon.
FYI currently services a few big brands such as TinyPrints, Massage Envy and Deluxe Corporation, and continue to add more each month.
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This article has been modified from its original post for clarification