8 Ways Not To Be A "Glasshole" – Google Glass One Day Sale

April 15 is Tax Day but it’s also the day that Google will be releasing the Google Glass to the public for a one-day only sale for $1,500/unit. With more people joining the Google Glass family, we can also expect more “Glassholes” on the streets.
If you’re purchasing Glass today, we have some Google Glass Etiquette that we think will be useful for you (and possibly keep you safe).
1.) Do not use them while driving
Don’t text and drive, don’t Glass and drive. Seriously.
2.) Don’t be creepy
You won’t want people secretly taking photos or videos of you, extend the same courtesy to others.
3.) Don’t be rude and obnoxious
Yes, we all know you have Glass, it’s on your face. So share it, don’t showboat it.
4.) Don’t wear them in schools, playgrounds and restrooms
Refer to suggestion #2 above. You will be deemed a creeper.
5.) Don’t wear them during dates 
It’s just lame – expect for your date to end early.
6.) Don’t Glass out
Don’t stare into your glass for long periods of time-you might end up with headaches or worse form a habit of looking up and to the right for no reason.
7.) Avoid high-impact sports while wearing Glass
Don’t be “that guy.” Buy a GoPro and move on.
8.) Glassaulted in San Francisco
San Francisco might be a techie city but a reporter from Business Insider was assaulted because he was wearing Google Glass. A social media consultant also reported a similar incident in a San Francisco Bar.
Source: ARS
Watch Mashable’s “Don’t be a GlassHole”:

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