Axosoft to sell Bug Tracker for a buck – all proceeds to help fund startups

Axosoft, a leading enterprise Agile/Scrum project management and bug tracking software company, announced they will begin to sell their enterprise-grade Axosoft Bug Tracker, originally at $70 per-user, per-year, for $1 per-year, regardless of the size of the dev team. Game changer.
The Axosoft Bug Tracker has been used by over 10,000 development teams by companies such as Cisco, Boeing, NASA and RipTide, and now it’s available to anyone for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee. CEO Axosoft Hamid Shojaee explained he chose to essentially give his professional-grade tool away in order to help the software developer community build better software, “Every development team in the world needs a bug tracking solution, and the majority use excel or some primitive tool for tracking. As an advocate of software companies, we want developers to have access to premium tools with as low barrier of entry as possible.”
Why a dollar and not for free? “The dollar pricing was to avoid a zillion bogus accounts and the resources are used for those who are legitimately interested,” Shojaee said.
Shojaee also explained that the removal of this particular revenue stream has a higher purpose, “We are giving up some revenue – however, most of our revenue comes from Axosoft Scrum. This shift in pricing is something we can handle to benefit the developer community.”
Shojaee plans to put that dollar to good use for software startups around the US. Today, Axosoft also announced that all proceeds from the Tracker will go to fund a $10,000 grant program for startups. Founders of software cos. that have been established for less than two years, have fewer than 10 people and US-based will have the opportunity to apply through Axosoft for a chance to win the cash plus mentoring from the CEO.
“We hope to help fund some awesome software company – how wonderful would it be if another WhatsApp was a result of the $10K grant that we provided for a startup. That would rock!” Shojaee exclaimed.
When asked about how Axosoft’s close competitor Atlassian would react, “We’ve been competing with them for a long time and I’m curious to see what happens,” he said. Only time will tell if developers shift away from competitors or are intrigued by this $1 tool enough to then look at their suite of products.
Shojaee shares that he has a deep love for software and hopes to provide more opportunities for developers to go out and create something awesome, “I love software and I want to help promote software,” he said. “The most exciting thing I want to see is the impact our Bug Tracker has on the software development world and touch more people than we otherwise would.”
Buy the Bug Tracker for a buck here.
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Graphics provided by Axosoft