3D Hubs – find your community of local 3D printers

What does networking, Do It Yourself (DIY) and 3D printing all have in common? 3D Hubs! 3D Hubs is an online network focused solely on the maker community and uniting like-minded individuals who love to imagine, create, and produce 3D printed objects. 3D Hubs’ vision is to provide consumers easy access to nearby owners of 3D printers and their services.
3D Hubs, founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, now has an international presence and provides 3D printing enthusiasts the ability to track down a local 3D printer. The founders started the company because they saw a need for local manufacturing, due to a vast amount of 3D printers running on an idle capacity. Their thought was to give 3D printer owners the option to list their printer on the site and have customers contact them directly in order to use their services.
All you have to do is type in your zip code and you’re given a list of makers in your area. A regional map will showcase the pins and locations of the local 3D Hubs, as well as what each hub has to offer, such as type of printer, delivery time, startup cost, additional material fees, and print resolution. Makers have the ability to customize an object and pick it up in your own neighborhood. There is also a review section for past customers to give feedback.
Currently the majority of hubs are listed in the Valley and a few in Prescott-more are on the way.
3D Hubs can also be considered a plausible alternative to paying a monthly fee at a 3D printing shop. Some tech shops charge up to $100/month in order to use their services, while 3D Hubs allows maker fanatics to place individual orders, which presents the opportunity to build the maker community one 3D printed object at a time. Imagine and create today with the help of 3D Hubs.
Find your local hub today and start printing by clicking here!