Girl Scouts innovate with Cookie Finder app

For years the Girl Scouts’ cookie season has emptied our pockets and filled our stomachs, and now it is easier than ever to locate a Girl Scout cookie booth selling delectable merchandise. Whether it is the notorious Thin Mints or the peanut butter-filled Tagalongs, an individual can now track down a local cookie booth by downloading the Girl Scouts Cookie Locator mobile app from the iPhone and Android markets or by visiting the website Cookie Locator.
GirlScouts website screenshot2
The Cookie Locator is an online service offered through Little Brownie Bakers’ public web site and has an accompanying mobile app. It enables Girl Scouts cookie customers to find a booth via zip code and a monthly calendar showing dates, locations and times of booth sales. Each booth sale listing has an online link to a map that highlights its location.
Although the cookie sales frenzy is over for most AZ troops, this a good example of how the Girl Scouts organization is dedicated to furthering entrepreneurism with its little leaders and embracing technology.
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