Mitel acquired Tempe software company OAISYS

OAISYS, a Tempe-based call center software company was acquired by business communications giant Mitel Monday.
“Mitel is a natural fit for OAISYS as we look to expand and grow our product range and reach,” said Brian Spencer, OAISYS CEO.
Mitel, which is based in Ottawa, has a large regional operation in Mesa. Spencer, now the director of business development for Mitel contact centers, said OAISYS employees will start the transition to their new offices in Mesa over the next couple of months.
“Most employees will keep their current positions,” Spencer said. If an employee’s position does not translate to a Mitel position, Spencer said he or she will be able to apply for one of the many jobs open at Mitel.
OAISYS’s contact center management software allows businesses to record phone calls and see what phone operators are doing on their computers for compliance and quality reasons.
OAISYS and Mitel have had a 17-year partnership and Mitel decided to take the partnership further by taking on the OASYS’s employees and the rights to OAISYS’s intellectual property and expertise.
Spencer said Mitel acquiring OAISYS is a success story.  OAISYS goes from a 45-employee company trying to compete on the global market, he said, to having more than 3,700 employees and being in over 100 countries.
“This is great for OAISYS team members,” Spencer said “I don’t see a negative side.”