Only 8 startups left in Venture Madness

After head-to-head live pitches Thursday morning, the eight companies that moved to the next round of Venture Madness, were announced Thursday afternoon at the Arizona Diamondbacks spring training game.
Venture Madness is a competition presented by Invest Southwest and the Arizona Commerce Authority that started with 64 startups pitching their ideas against each other. After two online rounds and one round in person the final eight will compete Friday morning for a piece of the $50,000 prize.
Representatives of the winning companies were taken onto the top of the dugout and sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the seventh inning stretch- watch it on our Facebook page.

Final 8

Here are the eight companies that move to the next round:
Strongwatch (Tucson | Instrumentation)
Autonomous Surveillance Technology – Never in the Dark – Protection for high value assets
Pinnacle Transplant Technologies (Phoenix | Biotech)
Pinnacle Transplant Technologies(PTT) is a multi-service tissue bank dedicated to ethical participation in the donate life process. U.S. food And Drug Administration (FDA) registered and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited, Pinnacle only works with federally chartered Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) and agencies accredited by AATB to help safeguard our employees, provide superior allografts for transplantation and assure reverence to our donor families.
Universal Bio Mining (Tucson | Biotech)
UBM will enable the processing of waste copper ore by lowering production cost by at least 30%, transforming the processing of this resource from uneconomic or marginal to solidly profitable. The will allow the expansion of the Arizona copper industry, which generates $5B in sales and employs 50,000 in Arizona, by at least 20%.
Reply Buy (Scottsdale | Mobile)
We’re creating the “Constant Contact” of the mobile commerce industry. Just as “Constant Contact” disrupted the email marketing space by enabling businesses of all sizes to easily engage in email marketing; our new sales platform called ReplyBuy allows customers to rapidly launch and deploy customized sales campaigns across multiple channels. We simplify an otherwise complicated process by providing a single interface for businesses to manage mobile customers and generate mobile sales using Facebook, Twitter, radio, TV, email & print advertising.
Contatta (Scottsdale | Software)
Contatta’s collaborative email is email built for the way we work today. A complete reimagining of what email should be, with Contatta, shared contacts, tasks, files and collaboration tools are built right into your email–the center of where you spend your day. The result is you and every member of your team drastically reduce the amount of time spent in the inbox, so you can spend more time on the things that move your business forward.
Endovantage (Tempe | Healthcare)
EndoVantage provides clinicians with powerful computational tools that can accurately simulate medical device deployment (e.g. stents) into blood vessels and predict hemodynamic outcomes. Using EndoVantage’s tools, clinicians can design the optimal treatment strategy for each unique patient case. The new found personalized planning capabilities will reduce treatment costs and expensive secondary interventions. EndoVantage’s core technology was developed jointly by Arizona State University (ASU) and Mayo Clinic. It is currently being used at both Mayo Clinic Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ.
SiO2 Nanotech (Phoenix | Nanotechnology) SiO2 Nanotech is currently commercializing a line of technologies that address the issue of fogging due to condensation, a prevalent problem with surgical scopes, implants, high precision instrumentation, industrial instruments, and protective eyewear. SiO2 Nanotech’s current source of revenue is from small batch high-grade optical glass for industrial clients, and has the ability to scale-up by contracting processing to a local manufacturer. In addition to processing high-grade optical glass to industrial clients, SiO2 Nanotech is pursuing FDA 510K permit of a medical device for their medical-grade anti-fog emulsion, VitreOxTM.
Delivery IT (Phoenix | Software)
A vertically integrated, enterprise grade, unbranded, cloud-based platform that manages hundreds of existing delivery companies for the retailer, accessible by the touch of a button at the cash register and thereafter oversees the product delivery end-to-end, captures all analytics and reports it back to the retailer.
Clear Demand (Scottsdale | Software)
Omni-channel retailing connects all channels (store, mobile, Internet) and leverages information across channels to create a consistent brand and shopping experience.
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